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How do you pack your bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shroomiin, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So seasoned tokers;

    this thread asks the simple question, how do you pack your bowls? Now I don't care how exectly you do it...I am wondering how many of you like to pack massive overflowing bowls compared to tiny one hitters.

    As for me, I prefer to pack 1 hitters when i'm smoking through the bong. It provides one solid milky rip with no "beat hit". It also makes me feel like im smoking more (5 tiny bowls compared to 1 big one).

    so what do you prefer? small 1 hitters or fat bowls?
  2. fat bowls i always be smokin up kids
  3. fat bowls for the first

    then ill do alot of smalll bowls
  4. If im by my self one hitters all day simply for the fact that you get a fresh tasty hit every time and i feel like it's more efficient. But if im with a couple people blazin up then i load full bowls out of convenience or if im decided to smoke out of a pipe instead of a bong its always filled just because who wants scooby snacks after every hit?
  5. i hear you on that one man
  6. generally one hitters. i basically just pack according to the situation.
  7. I wouldn't say I pack my bowl till it overflows, but it's not a one hitter. Somewhere in the middle.
  8. big ass bowls at a time, i usually smoke 1-2 bowls a sitting and im gonneeee
  9. Small man, saves smoke. I'd call it a 2-hitter.
  10. Depends on how high I need-ta get bro!
    3 consistent big bowls to K-O me before bed!
    other-wise a few small hitters to enjoy an event!
  11. after uve been smoking longer ull want those bigger bowls dude
  12. Recently i've just been packing huge bowls and smoking the whole thing in one hit, but I usually pack small bowls
  13. no way.

    ive been smoking daily for 7 years now and i have determined the small bowls are the way to go.

    I smoke through a heady bong so i want every rip to taste just as good as the first hit. 3-4 huge milky one hitters of tastey dank will get anyone really high
  14. I take a toke at a time until i feel good enough.
  15. I used to literally pack my bowls always to the brim but lately I've been realizing that's kind of stupid of me. Especially when I've been smoking most of them by myself.
  16. If i have time and am not looking behind my back, I pack one hitters. If I only can pack it once then do my business, then it's a .25 bowl usually, 80% of my bowl capacity roughly (without a super pack)
  17. at night i pack one fat bowl(.5) and dub it the "bedtime bowl"
    for all other times i pack small snaps in my bong or pack my one hitter up.
  18. I say a fat one hitter. I prefer to not taste burnt and ash.
  19. I like to intricately grind up my buds, by rotating the top chamber of my grinder. After, I will pinch the marihuana and put that into my bowl, often followed by more marihuana. Once I'm done packing that, I will ignite it with my trusty bic, gently inhaling.

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