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How do you pack your bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OuTLaW1986, May 22, 2010.

  1. I tried packing my bowls loose and it still doesn't hit good, I pack it tight and I can barely get a hit. I have a small standard glass bowl that could fit like a .1. I notice when I pack the weed in the bowl some weed falls to the bottom and clogs the hole leaving little to no airflow. Do bowls NEED a screen in order to hit good? No matter how I pack my bowl the small hole gets clogged. But I would get huge hits from time to time, is there something I'm doing wrong? Could it just be the weed, some being hard to light/hit and some do?
  2. Get a small nug to go accross the hole, rather than block it completely. Then just pack the rest of your stuff on top of it. You could just have a clogged bowl in general.
  3. go to your localshop and pick up some glass screens... ive seen them from a dollar to 4 bucks and theyre worth every penny in my opinion. could just be a poorly made piece too.. i have had a couple way back in the day
  4. I tried putting a small nug in the hole but it still doesn't help, and still takes away a lot of airflow. I don't think it's my bowl because I have only used it a few times for it to be clogged that I cant hit it..
  5. I would suggest grinding your weed....Also if you don't feel like buying screen you could always make a ghetto one out of aluminum foil and poke small holes in it for airflow....kind of like a hooka (spelt wrong i know).
  6. Couple suggestions: if weed is falling through the hole, try putting a tiny non-ground up nug over it, then put your broken up weed over it. The nug should prevent the small bits from falling. As time goes on, resin will build up and you can put whatever in without it falling through.
    Or, you can use a screen or tiny tiny pebble if you feel McGuyverish, but screens aren't nessecary. I've never used one in 5 years.
    Third option is to not grind/break up your weed so much until the resin builds up. And don't inhale/hit like you're syphoning gas. That sucks shit through and you end up with some hot scooby snacks. Just steady, slow, deep hits instead of quick hard ones.
    As for not getting good hits, that could be a lot of things. The finer ground the weed is, the more surface area it has, thus bigger hits. The reverse is true, too. Big nugs won't hit well until you're like 1/4 way through and it starts to break down. Personally, I never tightly pack my bowls. I know people who do, but I usually just light tap the top of the weed with my thumb. Just enough so the top of the bowl is flat across and slightly firm (NOT intended and tight).
    That's my 2 cents
  7. He was saying don't put the nug in the hole, get a decent sized nug and put it across the hole. Just drop the plug nug in the bowl, and pat it down a little just so it is snug; not plugged into the hole. Then when you pack the bowl don't pat it down too much.
  8. Grinder is the single most important tool for any serious smoker. It gives you a even consistency so that your bowl roasts through the whole bowl depending on how well the weed was grown and cured and it roast evenly and it doesn't get clogged. Not to mention you don't lose the THC it all collects in your kief tray and you can press it or top off bowls with it later. Buy one and you will thank yourself for it.

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