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How do you make outdoor plant bud early?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by njhippie, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Would chopping off the tops help or is there some fertilizer that makes it flower early?
  2. this is not a good way but its what happend to mine. i through mine in the shade under a tree and they started to bud so i moved them but if your able to block the sun so that they only get 12 hours of light then they will start to flower
  3. MJ flowers when it's time based on two factors/types of plants. There is Auto Flower strains which flower automatically and those that flower based on amounts of daylight/darkness. Topping a plant when it's approaching flowering will only cause your hardvest to be smaller. I'd say the answer to your question is, you cannot force flower a MJ plant outdoors. It's going to flower when it's ready based on the above two factors.
  4. Plants respond to the length of day, not number of hours of direct sunlight. And 12/12 has no significance whatever outdoors - read my link on flowering.

    Just let nature take its course.
  5. Place a bin upside down over it each day, a few hours before dusk, then remove in the morning at Dawn.

    I honestly don't know if that'd work, but it seemed like a good idea after that bong:smoke:
  6. IF you can remember to do it at the right time every single day without fail.

    Otherwise just let nature take its course - what´s the rush? Good bud takes time.
  7. lot of outdoor coming in already up here in humboldt, they are using temp green houses and tarping them to get the 12/12 forcing the flower. you should be able to do it on smaller scale.
  8. Seems like a lot of work pulling a tarp over a green house every evening and then pulling it off every morning for weeks. Seems letting mother nature take it's course is easier and more low key.
    Not sure about anyone else, but I think my neighbors would get mighty curious if they seen me in my back yard doing all this work with covering/uncovering a green house twice a day for weeks on end..

  9. This works.I have used black garbage bags. This is an O-L-D trick!
  10. i wouldnt use garbage bags your pants can get so hot inside one of those...
  11. Not it you put it on at 8:30pm and take it off at 8:30am...
  12. Thank you all your suggestions. I'm leaving for college too early in the season so thats why I have to do this.

    Can anyone tell me how long I'd have to use this method before the plant is ready to harvest?
  13. Depends on the strain... Anywhere from 7 to 12 weeks, even longer for a few pure sativas.
  14. Shit i wish i had more time to veg. Everything should start flowering what? less than a month or so.

    JUst let nature take its course and it should be fine. 7-12 weeks, i always cut around 8-10 TBH. inless it's bovious it's not ripe enough. Get a 10x mag and look at trich color, 70-80% is perfect.

  15. Hey Everyone -

    I agree with FlyGuy on this topic..... If you are trying to trick your plants into the flower cycle by denying them light - you MUST remember to do it at the right time EVERYDAY for several weeks!! If you are not a person who can keep that type of schedule -- DON'T BOTHER -- you will only make a mess out of your grow!!

    Kisses -
    Hott ;)
  16. it is work, however in the situation I am thinking of they harvested 500 plants on the tenth of july, well before camp started raiding gardens, pus they got high price before market is swamped with all the mexican grows.

  17. This proves my theory that Stoners throughout history, sepeated by continents, Still have the same awsome Ideas after a bong:D
  18. Umm I used garbage cans and it worked just fine. I wasn't even that punctual. I mean a few times I was an hour or two under 12 and it still worked. You see my friend these people here probably have never did it [i.e cover method] so they are only "talking". As long as you make a good attempt to get it right you will be o.k.. No worries man .:cool:

    Believe nothing that you heard and half of what you see......
  19. not true, an outdoor plant will start flowering early if you give it no light for 48 hrs, trust me the plant will not reveg if its an indica. It will get flower going early. 12/12 is not something that applies in the natural worls its just and industry standard for indoor growers
  20. I have a 40+ inch sativa dom. plant in a clay, almost 20 gal. pot in soil that I have buried but with enough room for air to circulate . I started to flower it with a garbage can, leaving enough of an opening for fresh air. I live in a very humid area and the plant was soaked with dew in the morning when i took the cover off. Fine for veg., no bueno for buds. After two weeks, the plants were covered in young buds. I am using neem oil foliar spray but it's not a magic potion. With the buds being in a warm, moist, closed environment, it's gonna attract mold. I decided to make a frame in my garage and drape opaque moving blankets over it, total darkness. I also have a small but powerful fan (I think it's an industrial finger nail paint drier). After five nights being in the garage, It's perky and dry in the morning, trichome production is better, and I have a more open plant which obviously gets more sun in the middle. Keep in mind, it's just one plant. this would totaly suck with a dozen. Two people ain't bad, but moving that by myself in the morning is not easy. I'll let you know how it goes.

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