How do you live???

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  1. What kinda living situations do you guys have??

    I live with my girlfriend and she has no issues with me smoking weed. In fact, she does as well!

    She used to have a big issue with it, then she hit one pipe.... BOOOM!!!!

    She's singing "and I saw her face! Now I'm a believer!"
  2. I live with a lot of other people. Let's see, my room mate, her mom, cousin, aunt, sister, cousin's boyfriend, her kid and my kid. So there's seven adults and two children under 5. We also have two dogs, 8 (?) cats, and one rat. At least I think we have 8 cats...not sure, actually. Some of them stay in their owner's room.

    We live in a one story house but my room mate, the kids, and I all have the basement to ourselves. It's mostly finished. Only four of the cats live downstairs with us.

    My room mate is a dealer and her mom is cool with it. So we smoke in the basement while the kids are in their room.
  3. I live with my girlfriend in my parents house in spain. They moved back the the Uk for a year(today infact) so got the place to ourselfs. Shes cool with me smoking its kinda been a part of my life for so long she has to except it. She'l have a puff now and again which is funny.:smoking:
  5. I live with a heroin addict who steals anything of mine he doesn't think I'll notice is gone. Protip: don't move in with a friend if you want the friendship to last.
  6. :eek:MOVE OUT MAN. lol, if theres no trust with who your living with then its not going to work.
  7. Just be careful about the smell if you don't want them to know you guys toke up. Sure they don't know what it smells like, but I remember when I was really young, under five, and I was at my neighbors house and it smelled like pot. It reminded me of that time that I saw my neighbor blazed, and I didn't know what it was at the time, I thought he was smoking pipe tobacco like my landlord did. The next time I smelled that...ten years later...I instantly thought of that guy and realized it. If the kids are restless and get up and walk out to the kitchen for water or something and smell anything, they'll probably remember it when they get older.

    Sorry if this makes no sense, I'm exhausted and blazed:bongin:Just smoked a few 2 liter waterfalls:smoking:
  8. To be honest, I don't really have a problem with them knowing about it. I'm just worried about contact highs and loose lips. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by what I do.
  9. Being around children that are high is a mess....

    My friends ex-girlfriend used to let her nephew hit the blunts.....

    First time I saw that I was ready to go.....

    And his lil ass was trippin.....

    So was I... That fucked up my high.
  10. Getting kids high on purpose is fucked up. I would never do that.
  11. i used to live on my own and due to a car accident i had in june,i had to move back cause i couldnt afford it anymore.
    now i live with my mum,my stepdad my grandma and my sis fuckin sucks..but since i was a teen i managed to make them understand that my room is only mine and that I am a person who needs some space..

    so its more like having housemates than living with the family.
    they dont know i smoke maryjane but i do smoke in the house easilyyy(as i said my room is my own little house).

    and then i spend many nights and days at my best friend's place too/i have stuff there as well...
  12. Passing the chron Game to the roommate as I post. :hello:
  13. Living with my girlfriend in an apartment. We both love to smoke:smoking:

  14. Yeah, sadly human nature is to lie, cheat and steal. Most people go by the saying 'it's only wrong if you get caught', even if they don't realize it.
  15. i live alone,,,,with my live in ladyfriend,,,, we both blaze,,,,,

    bitch smokes all my weed..

  16. [​IMG]
  17. I eat it, he smokes it.
  18. I live with my mom, lil sis and grandpa. They know I blaze and are cool with it. Hell I'm even allowed to smoke in my room but I just have to lock my door cuz my mom doesn't want my 5 year old sis walk in. There cool about it, just always tell me to be safe about it and not do it around my sister. I like it better like this cuz i get to be honest about it and dont have to sneak around n shit.
  19. I live alone in my own comfy apt, thank god :smoke:

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