How do you light your bowl?

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  1. In the past I've always used the normal lighter, but for bongs I think it's better to use some type of torch (cigar lighter) to get the best hits, anybody agree/disagree?
  2. No god no don't light your bong snaps with a torch.
  3. ^^ dont know what theyre talking about, theres no reason why you shouldnt use a torch lighter
  4. chripes, use hemp wick
  5. I use wick or a lighter. Occasionally I use wands.
  6. Lol? :hello:

    Well there's the reason for your red rep bars heh :rolleyes::rolleyes:

  7. reason?
  8. You shouldn't torch it. you're wasting bud that way because half of what you are burning is going straight to ashes, not smoke
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    There are quite a few, actually. For starters, the combustion rate is too high, wasting a bit of the good cannabinoids right off the bat.

    Hemp wick and candle all the way. (Of course the wick is rapped around my lighter for convenient use without a candle)

  10. lol you really think your destroying bud? all that is being inhaled silly ur not losing anything

    you cant have ashes and no smoke
  11. I've never used a hempwick.... to ME it seems like a pain and a bit of snobbery. I know, you do it for your health, good for you, more power to ya. I wonder if you're using a bong, filtered, is it really even healthier?..
  12. Nothing beats a good BIC. Especially if you're sharing the green. Give someone a torch and half the time the whole bowl is charred off the first light.
  13. The reason for it is because Butane doesn't get filtered in the water. Also it really preserves the taste. It is an extra step to go through, and most of my friends hate it lol. I never really saw it as snobby, but tbh I'll always avoid smoking out of my bong w/ out wick.

    I wouldn't say healthier but rather less un-healthy lol.
  14. i flick my black bic lighter and aim the flame directly on top of the plant matter
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    Dude that's crazy I do the same thing :D haha
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    Do you pass the wick when smoking in a group? Or do people use their own wick? I've been trying to wrap my head around the hempwick and a reason to buy it, the extra step, cost etc when I see em in the shops. Better taste might be that reason...
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    Lol great answer!

  18. I am the only person I know who buys hempwick, I have a few friends who always use it when they are with me. I leave some on the table that we smoke around, and have some on my lighter and I usually pass it if I know the person next to me wants to use it.

    Lol, I have some friends that get pretty faded after smoking so they feel the wick is too much of a hassle. Sometimes it takes them a while to light the bowl because they are holding it wrong etc, easy to do while high after using just a lighter for so long. I'd imagine if you had people in your smoking circle that used it, and they had their own, their would be no need to pass unless they were out.
  19. Combustion actually does destroy some of the THC molecules. Sure you inhale it, but it's not the same molecule anymore and it's not getting you high. Using a torch means you're combusting at a higher temperature than with a normal flame and destroying more of the THC. So you're just inhaling smoke that has less THC and more unwanted substances in it.

    As for the hempwick I have never owned one but I found it very convenient when one of my friends has one around their bic. Just pass the bic with the wick on it and either leave the wick lit when passing a dry bowl or each person lights it themselves. It's one of those things that isn't necessary but it takes so little time that it's really not a hassle.

    I myself just use a bic, get my bowl cherried and then remove the flame. For the same reason I don't use a torch I take the flame away as soon as I have a decent cherry that will finish the bowl. I always think it's retarded when people hold the flame on until they completely finish the bowl. Waste of gas, and it gets the bic really hot. Plus it makes the hit harsher not just because of the butane being inhaled but you're still adding extra heat to the air being pulled in. At least when you cherry there isn't an extra heat source being added to the air flow.

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