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How do YOU know you're coming down from your stoned?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SpiralStatic, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. There was a solid thread about how you know when you're there, but what makes you realize that you're less baked then you were?

    I stop "feeling" it physically when I'm coming down from it, but I always have to stop and think about whether or not I'm still stoned. The duration changes every time it seems, so I confuse myself frequently.

    We all know how to tell if we're ripped, but how do we know when we aren't?

    It's always confused me. I know the difference between high and not high, but when coming off a high it's hard to tell sometimes.
  2. when i go to sleep
  3. When you realize there's still weed in your bowl.
  4. I can talk again.
  5. When i don't stare in the same place longer than 2 minutes.
  6. When I don't feel as high. What kind of question is this?

    I know I'm not as high because I'm not as high.
  7. When I'm laughing at things and I know it's not funny and I think to myself "this is just annoying." or when I tell myself it's time to pack another bowl.
    I hate coming down.
  8. All my pain comes back. :(

    That, or I begin noticing my pain more.
  9. Maybe you should just get high, and don't worry about it.
  10. When you care enough about it to post a thread on gc about it. Light another bowl
  11. Usually my thoughts seem to slow down. I start yawning, and get weird muscle vibrations, almost as if the THC is leaving my system. I notice that I have been watching T.V for 2 hours straight, and I haven't left my couch for what seems like an eternity. They I shut myself up and roll up another spliff.
  12. How do YOU know you're coming down from your stoned? lol that sounds like something a cop, teache,r or strict parent would ask
  13. When I realize I just an ungodly amount of food and my stomach hurts :rolleyes:
  14. The first time I ever smoked I yawned this big dramatic yawn, with my arms reaching up and everything and when I put them back down at my sides I was like, "Ah, fuck, I'm not high anymore." I'll just be like, "....I'm not high anymore." it's kind of weird
  15. I get tired and feel lazy as fuck.

    I hate it so much, I get the worst comedowns from weed.

    Mids or dank :confused:
  16. when everything on T.V starts to suck
  17. I can just tell when im coming down. I always feel a little tired and faded. Then i usally just pack another bowl :smoking:.
  18. When i become aware that i am loading another bowl. Its like oh, ok well that solves that problem jk lolol
  19. When I can actually hold a complete thought for more than 5 seconds. I only get completely blazed, no weak shit here, so I'm so gone 'coming down' is being able to think.
  20. It depends...with edibles it can be pretty hard, as the effects can appear to be lessening but then another "wave" will happen and it's all on again.
    I'm not sure with when I vape (don't smoke) but, I guess I would explain it as just "coming around" you don't much notice it in the early stages because it's's just like things start to seem clearer, you feel a little more awake perhaps?

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