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How do you know if the glass changes colors?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hiddenclowns, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I saw a pipe that changed colors when it was warm. how do i know what pipes will do this?
  2. wow never heard of that but it sounds tight as hell

  3. Different metals placed in the glass. Changing colors at different temperatures, think of it as the same way those mood rings or 'blood pressure' thumb print things work...
  4. But how do i know if the pipe will do this? or do i have to ask them or somthing?

  5. yeah they're hard to find but they are out there. ask your headshop if they carry them, or maybe look online :wave:
  6. It would say color change is heat activated. Most of the CCG *(color change glass) changes from the darknesss inside ressin buildup
  7. i have one
  8. never heard of the color changing with heat, i guess you would have to ask at a headshop, i have a ccg piece that i bought on gc and i dunno, color changing's kinda over rated, as long as the piece hits man.
  9. I have a color changing pipe... Or atleast I think it is one. After smoking it a bit the clear glass changed to blue. The piece was originally clear with a red strip that spins around it. Now it is red and blue. :D
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    well, every pipe i have is "CCG". with most pipes, as resin builds up the color of the glass will "change" because of how light passes through. and one of mine has silver fuming in the glass , and now those parts of the glass have changed blue.

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    actually chameleon glass is a brand name I have a slide for my bong that's made by them I initially thought when I heard it was a colour changing piece that it was a temperature thing but it turns out it's the silver fuming that has it change when it's dirty. shame I like to clean out my bowls with a brush
  12. I have no clue as to the brand name of my piece, all I know is that I got it for $5 on the Canal St. in New York.

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