How do you hide you weed at school?

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    Thanks for all the answers!
  2. yes dogs will smell it.  Just leave it in your car or better yet, at home...
  3. Yes. And even if they can't see the contents at first glance, any school faculty seeing you with an prescription pill bottle is probably going to result in them taking it. As public schools in the US are typically 'zero tolerance', no medications are allowed to be carried on your person.
    This was the rules when I was in high school, eight years ago. I can imagine they've only gotten stricter since then.
  4. hide it in your facepalm
  5. Finish the day at school then go for a smoke, Is it worth the risk..?
  6. you need to put it deep up your anus
  7. less than half a gram?  lol
  8. fuck no. we have random days when the cops bring in drug dogs and go alll around the schools.... go around the parking lot and everything.... no fuckin way jose.
  9. if dogs alert your anus you can simply say i ate roast beef 
    There is a reason for 4:20 being the time to toke. It gives everyone time to get their stash and head to the "secret smoking spot"...AFTER school!  If you are so immature that you can not defer a pleasure for the hour or so it may take to get home, then you likely should not be using cannabis!
    Time to grow up, hon! Learn to evaluate risk vs reward!  Bringing your stash to school isn't worth the risk!
  11. No offense but you must be a special kind of stupid to bring weed into your high school. You could just make a firecracker or two before class and stay high all day.......
  12. yes the dogs will still smell it. don't learn the hard way
  13. In my car, if your parents drop you off and you don't have a car then you probably shouldn't be smoking anyways.
  14. It depends on where you go to school... We don't have dogs in Canada coming into schools, not sure about the rest of the country but definitely not my area. I would advise against if they actually do that.
  15. When i was in school i used empty out a pen and put a joint inside it, worked a treat but this was in England no dogs and shit or cops Sent from my GT-S5360 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. well i didnt or never would
    i was only a 7 minute walk to my high school from my house. 
  17. I've brought weed to school a few times when I was in highschool.. it's not worth the risk don't do it lol just wait until you get out of school.
  18. I used to always bring weed to school.
    Used a pipe has hidden inside a smell proof thing, like a joint holder, also carried a hollow lipbalm with activated carbon and dryer sheets in it.
    But.... Its not worth it, especially if you have to ask on the internet.
  19. Youd be surprised.....I never took it to school cuz thats just stupid IMO....left it in my car off campus. Ive seen it taped to bottom of trashcan lids before in bathrooms etc....shit taped everywhere. Just gotta think outside of the box a lil.

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