How do you guys order your grow stuff?

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  1. Ok I live in an area that recently closed its only hydro store. So of course ordering online is an option, but how do you keep your annonymity, i get paranoind when i think about mail order, because most online stores require a credit card, even with money orders your name is still on it and sending cash is unsafe in the mail. How is it you guys feel safe ordering online?
  2. I've ordered from bghydro several times. I use my creditcard information. Hydroponics is not illegal. I wouldn't worry about it as long as you play it smart. ships everything discrete, and bill on the credit card doesn't say anything about hydroponics.

    As long as you don't throw anything in your trash and keep your mouth shut you should enjoy years of growing whatever it is you plan on growing.
  3. alot of people speak well about, can anyone tell me what its like ordering from them?

    the reason is inside sun seems to have better deals
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    hey whats the deal with "hortilux" is it worth the xtra 50 bucks?
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    Hi guys. If you are worried about safety, just open up a P.O. Box and have the stuff sent there. Do not have the stuff sent to your grow room. As for your personal info, it would be very difficult for the feds to get a warrant to subpoena a hydro stores records and then try to get a warrant to storm your gates based on the fact that you ordered bat shit and a light bulb. Yes go with they are great. Insidesun is in Indiana. Hortilux is good. If you have the extra $$, go for it. I just did ;)
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    If ordering is so secure why not have it delivered???? to your spot:confused:
  7. I recently ordered 2 light systems from them and I got my shipment in a matter of days, paying with a C.C.
    I got exactly what I ordered and at a great price..I recommend them
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    if ordering is so secure whynot have it delivered???? to your spot:confused:[/quote]

    isnt it obvious, never send seeds or hydro equiptment to your growsite, there are police documents that show hydro equiptment is popular in the cultivation of marijuana. Its avoidable so just DONT DO IT. Other things can tip them off too like if you order stuff from a hydroshop and two weeks later your houses electrical bill skyrockets, just be very careful and do all you can to confuse the "man". (good looks on not sayin what state your from too). keep this in mind. peace

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