How do you guys fit together ground-glass joints?

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  1. I got my first ground-glass pipe, and it looks like chemistry equipment :p Anyway, how do you guys fit together the joints? Do you use lubricant (like in a chemistry lab)? Or do you just get the joints wet before fitting together? Or do you just wipe it down, and fit them together dry? Also, any general tips on the care of ground glass pieces?
  2. Fit them dry.
  3. Keep them as dry and as clean as you can and you won't have problems.
  4. one of my bongs was a pain in the ass when it got stuck...lil bit of chapstick works
  5. Yeah, that happens with chemistry lab equipment all the time. Occasionally, a ground glass joint would seize, or become stuck together. Lab technicians magically know how to get them to come apart. Usually, it was due to the joint not being lubricated properly. Then again, they deal with nasty chemicals that can make their way up the joint. I imagine this shouldn't happen very often if there's just water. I plan to tear down my piece after every session anyway, so I hope this won't become a problem.
  6. Keep the glass joint as dry as possible. If you leave it wet it could cause your downstem/ defuser or slide to become stuck. very very stuck
  7. You can use a bit of vaseline to keep the joints happy. They never stick that way.
  8. Yeah but then you have slimy ass shit all over your glass.
  9. You don't need to glob it on; just a dab on the joints, then spread it around.
  10. THA FUCK ARE YOU GUYS TALKIN ABOUT!?!?:eek::smoke:
  11. bongs.
    GONG* bongs specifically.

    *GONG: glass on glass
  12. and you can wrap the joints in teflon tape if im not mistaken to prevent hydrolock
  13. A little beeswax works like a charm on glass joints.
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  15. really? i could see it bein an easy sell, yeah,,,
  16. My joints are almost always wet because I can never get them completely dry right after I clean them. I've had them get stuck before, but never really badly. All I've ever had to do is twist instead of pulling.

    I've never used joint wax or anything like that, all I can imagine is that shit getting a little bit everywhere all over the bong.
  17. Yeah this company is coming up with cutting edge products for glass on the regular. They have an ash tray and diffusion stones (that actually work). I think they are working on a universal foaming cleanser with plugs for an easy clean.
  18. Fit them dry..
    I'll be damned if I have to pull out a bottle of "toob lube" everytime a friend comes over for a smoke.
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    First off it comes in a tube NOT a bottle and you can apply it with one hand. You don't have to pull it out every time you smoke either. Just lubricate your glass joints periodically to create a seal that prevents freeze. Apply after cleaning your works man.

    Come on, did you even click the link?

    ....Nope. Sad day.
  20. If you even need 'tube lube' you either have very poor-fitting or low quality glass, or you're letting it get MUCH too dirty between cleanings.


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