How do you grow??

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How do you grow your smoke??

  1. Hydroponics

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  2. Dirt

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  3. Who cares as long as it grows bud

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  1. Dear Growers,

    Let us all know how you grow your smoke, let us know your favorite ways to grow, the best and worst grows youve had, if it was 20 years ago so be it, we all want to hear the stories!!

  2. Vegroom----10'x12' (1) 1000wMH (4) 400wMH no "soil" I use a mixture of medium. ((rapidgro fert))

    Bloomroom---12'x12' (4) 400wHPS (2) 400wMH (6) 150wHPS used as sidelight's. ((shultz bloom builder fert))

    Cloneroom---6'x7' (6) HO flourescents, rock wool, hydroponics

    co2 enrichment,garlic as companion plant's(bug's hate it)

    cieling white, high hiding,painted.

    oscillating fan's,exhaust fan is thermally regulated.

    watering is done by pump n drip system on timer.


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