How do you get rock hard budsites?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could give some pointers on how to make your bud sites produce rock hard, high yielding buds? I'm on week 8 of flower wondering what final touches I need to apply. Thank you
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    dissolve 1 tbsp in a gallon of pure water 24 hours prior to watering, dispose of any left over, repeat for each watering until you not use any other nutes
  3. genetics. some strains are fluffy and foxtail normally these are sativa indica have very dense nuggets
  4. yea strain, food, and light..most sativa ive went was 50/50 and even those were pretty hard...sometimes real dense isnt good though cause they can mold so watch your humidity and have good airflow
  5. Cball. Using molasses sounds interesting. Can anyone support this claim? Just nervous to stop using my nutes at this point
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    i assumed using organic soil...and flushing can work in hydro but you have to chill the water and keep it recycling so it doesn't go can ferment if contaminated killing the plants (it is 'sugar' aka hydrocarbons after all)
    they have other feeding methods you can look up to match your type of media...use google for more info and to verify :smoke:
  7. Using ffof. Would you recommend I start that now even tho I'm at 8 weeks?

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  8. I use unsulphured Grandma's Molasses and it works pretty damn good bro...
  9. any sugar works, but mollases is king.
    beyond ginetics, lighting has the largest impact on density
    heat comes next, the higher heat you have the fluffier your nugs will be. generally
    nutes have a large impact as well, think about it, a nug is comprised of 60-70% water, 10-20% hard metals and "nutes" and the remainder is basically sugar compounds.
    (this is while nugs are still growing)
    you flush to remove the 10-20% of hard metals
    then you add mollases to increase the amount of sugars.
    when you chop the plant you dry the water out and are left with sugars.
    then once you go to cure, the sugars should, in theory, assist in the decomposition and breaking down of the remainder of the metals and clorophyll left in the nugs. (i.e. improving the flavor)
    blah blah blah, im sure you get the point.
  10. Okay sounds like a great idea. Going to start using molasses tonight and use it until harvest in a week or two
  11. I've heard kelp extract works, but I have no experience with it.  Maybe you can try mixing Viagra with your feed water.
    Just try choking that smoke down..........No thank you...LOL

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