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How do you feel when

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marijawana, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. You're sober and just coming onto your high? Does anyones happen really fast and it's like you enter a dream like state. For me everything starts getting blurry sort of and I feel high and im like oh fuuck and everything happens at once lol
  2. Thats how I was at first, But recently its been hitting me sooner, but more gradually. I honestly liked it better when it took awhile but hit me all at once.
  3. na i never really saw it like that...kinda is just gradual for me after every hit but i dont really think about how high i am until we are done with the bowl/joint/blunt.

  4. Yeah, I like it better.. like when you hit a blunt to the face, rather than passing it around and having time to think.

    When you finish the blunt and look around.. its just awesome haha :smoking:
  5. After about the 3rd hit i like notice myself forgetting short term stuff, saying something thats stuck in my head, and drifting from sobriety, hahah, its an awesome feeling.
  6. After a few minutes I notice that everything is....different. Not different but I hear everything in great detail and usually one of my friends started giggling and then I know It's creeping up lol.
  7. Normally after one or two huge rips, I just get blasted all of a sudden. I start hearing my voice in my head as I speak it, and everything seems like a movie for me alot when I'm high. after a couple moments i'm adjusted to this new state and I proceed to consume said munchies and listen to sick music as well as think deep thoughts/laugh my ass off with friends.

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