How do you feel right now? No thinking.

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by rorygilmoreirl, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Tired. Getting out of a really bad funk. A little itchy. Hopeful that maybe this time things will be different. A little scared. Kinda feel like playing some video games. Man what are these Asian people saying? Damn you know sometimes I can be really fucking sexy. Then again...oh fuck that. I am what I am. Coffeeeeeeee
  2. What's this thread about? Oh, I see. I'm going to post here also. What should I....ahh damn no thinking, here goes. Monkey. Banana. Man my hands are sweaty. I don't know what to type here. *pause* Man this weed I smoked has got me spacing out! A wood chuck could chuck if it gave a fuck. I like cheese.
  3. Yeah, I'm OK. OK. A little confused, kinda sweaty,... a little hungry,... but all in all I'm OK.
  4. I, alone, feel nothing.
  5. 2 hours of sleep, daughter got up early, fuck this house, want to smoke but made plans, might cancel plans and just smoke sesh/chill, tired, parents are giving dog away cuz they have "too much on their plate"..

  6. Hey, Bluntisblunt posted about a dog... I remember my dog.. Man I miss my dog.. moving sucks... I don't even know anybody here. God damnit, ash on my keyboard again...

    Meh, time to go get in the shower. But I don't want to.. and nobody else needs it.. it's not like I've got real plans to do anything anways... But if I don't then my acne will come back, and I'll feel gross all day... So much effort.

    For fuck's sake, I've got to pee AGAIN... This is getting a little ridiculous... Oh man, I hope I pass this drug test. If I don't then I'm fucked.

    I'm using wayyyy too many dots in this post... do I really sound like this when I think? Annoying... Sigh, guess I'll go get in the shower and try to do something productive.
  7. free, happy, and a little hung over

  8. Please don't eat me.
  9. Like a voyeur, having read everyone's minds in this post. Slightly embarrassed, like I just walked in on someone masturbating. Teeniest bit outraged that you asked such a personal question. A little bit disbelieving that I am answering. I too have to piss. My pipe tobacco tastes really good, it's like I can see the smoke with my tongue.

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