How Do You Feel About New Mods?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GlazeBlaze, Feb 21, 2016.

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  1. For me when a forum generally asks for volunteers for new mods. The first thing that came to my mind is that on this forum I haven't seen enough corrupted or b/s posts or users to completely acknowledge the need for such a bolstering of mods.

    The only thing I can figure is that someone has a hair brained idea to let some users from ATS in here who have absolutely no consistency or generally good skills at monitoring there own peers.

    Infact I wouldn't feel like I"m going out on a limb to say that the whole things is just so they can dominate the threads that are being cycled.

    Because at the end of the day those ATS members cannot stand for someone to educate people to at the very minimum there level of intel when the disinfo is filtered out because they live with mommy and daddy in the basement mooching off family and cry about having no life because they have no life experience and the only thing that makes them feel good about thereself is they've scouted experienced people on the internet and know how to sound like they been doing this for awhile when infact they have no ide.

    It's so blatently obvious that I can see where mentally handicapped people can expose it.

    Anyways how do you feel about it?
  2. ? What's "ATS"?
  3. You've been here a month dude... They aren't looking for mods, they're looking for people who care enough about the site to help keep it organized. There is entirely too much content in the wrong subforums right now, like beginners making threads asking for help in the grow journal subforum, or people posting the same piss test question in every subforum because they didn't get a response in the general thread after 5 minutes. And they wont be able to remove posts, just move them to the right subforum or if they are really offensive report them to a real mod like everyone else has the ability to.
  4. They are just asking for help with the new launch to make the transition as smooth as possible. Nobody is becoming a mod.
  5. I'm down as long as they all look like this

  6. How do I feel about it when a guy who's been here less than a month and has a handful of shitty posts starts spouting nonsense about the way a forum is run? I think it's pretty fucking funny. Because obviously the guy has no fucking clue as to what he's talking about. He can't even be bothered to understand what he's complaining about enough to understand that he has no fucking clue. I think that's pretty awesome. Those are the rare times on the internet when you get to see some asshole so full of himself, thinking he knows it all, proving what a tosser he really is.

    So, thank you for providing me with that laugh at your expense. It enjoyed it. Thanks for asking how I feel about it, people rarely do.

  7. Oh i was smart enough to know the threads were pretty decent. Especially with the arguments I've been in.

    My posts are only shitty because they told the truth or was too deep for someone casually browsing and stoned.

    Sorry man you lost. once you started name calling and what not talking about intel level and length of membership. You was already saying you had no philosophical advice or theological statements to take everyone to the next step.

    So you keep everyone in kindergarten yes.
  8. ^^You good Bruhh?
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