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How Do You Describe Being High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qwerty man, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for 4 years, yet when someone who never smoked asks me what being high is like, I can never find the right words.

    Is it a warm and fuzzy? Yeah, but more than it soothing and relaxing? Among other things, yes...but that's not quite it.

    So what is it?
  2. When I'm FUCKED UP I usually say "It feels like youre moving robot-like... and in slow motion... but youre really not... and then you try to think and your mind takes a shit. Its fucking awesome"
  3. When im high, i get an appetite, I don't pitch pizza at the wall cuz somebody ate a piece, I feel it in the back of my neck the most, wake n bakes are the only time I really feel the most high because the sleep I got is the longest I go without some reefer pot.
  4. it's a heaviness in the eyes and the chest coupled with the a lightness in the stomach and in the mind. A "heady" high will typically give the user quite a bit more energy than one might have when they're sober a typical day, a body high will give the user more of the heaviness with a stronger feeling of contentedness. That's not to say the sort of restless feeling of a head high isn't satisfying, in fact I think the productive energy that one gets from some of those strains is preferable in a lot of situations especially social ones. The cannabis headspace usually alters between rapid thoughts and clear headedness seemingly without reason. With larger doses coordination is impaired and it's not uncommon to feel a very strong "oneness" with the environment. A very impaired person on a couch might be unable to discern the feeling of where his body ends and the couch starts because cannabis seems to dull the body's pain reception, or at least washes it over with a constant feeling of warmth that doesn't leave the body and overrides the feeling of pain in some cases (leading to medicinal use). Time seems to pass slowly at first and then rapidly as if to catch up an hour or two after take off. Taste and sound tend to become more enjoyable (though I wouldn't describe the feeling as "hunger") because the impaired person is often able to "pick apart" tastes and sounds into their constituent parts (the way a gourmet chef can taste every ingredient in a dish, or the way a trained musician can hear every instrument in a symphony) which makes for an enjoyable indulgence while under the influence. : D
  5. to me it feels like constant waves of insight hitting my soul
  6. it all depends. If i take a couple hits out the bong, i'll be relaxed, kinda dozed off, the overall feeling good type of high, but if i take a good 3 bowls to the head, then thats when it's that high as a kite feeling comes in. your eyes feel really heavy, your voice sounds like you just woke up, everything seems funny when you talk to yourself. colors become alot more vivid. You don't want to do anything but chill out and enjoy your high. Your body is on earth, but your mind is in a whole different world.
  7. It's the real feeling of relaxation.
  8. Hungry. Happy. Sleepy.
  9. Being shot in the head point blank with a bullet going in slow motion and realizing that you're immortal.
  10. When I get high it literally feels like the after effects of taking a round house kick to the face from Chuck Norris.

    But on a more serious note, I feel more relaxed and my thoughts are more clear. Almost mind numbing of some sort but not really.
  11. u dont care about nothing man
  12. Seeing rainbows and ponies and stuffs.
  13. "exaggerated"
  14. Dragons talk to me.

    Sometimes they tell me secrets.
  15. Happy. It feels like the world is doing exactly what I want it to, and I'm experiencing life how it should be felt.
  16. Heaviness behind the eyes but in a good way. A light buzzy feeling in the head. Relaxed and insightful. Laid back and open to new people and ideas. The world feels good. Your soul feels right. And physically it's the best damn feeling in the world. Like a mellow orgasm that lasts a much longer time.
  17. feels like,

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