How Do You Cut Glass? - Homemade Glass Bong

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  1. So I was thinking about making a homemade simply glass bong. I have the glass, and the downstem which is actually the mouthpiece to my brother's trumpet! Honestly works (would work) perfectly!

    All I ask is how do you cut a circle in the glass for the downstem?? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Diamond drill bit. I'm pretty sure you have to cut it under running water also
  3. this for sure ^
    and also practice creating the hole for the downstem on other glass berfore doing it on your future water pipe good luck
  4. had a glass downstem too big from my bubbler , I just torched the shit out of it with a 20$ PROPANE torche from homedepot and just hit it off my sink and half of the other downstem just chipped off so SUCCESS! use a proppane torch gets it mega hot and red.
  5. Wait... how much does a diamond drill bit cost?
  6. Nevermind lol, just looked it up but I'd still prefer to buy my own if I was you OP.
  7. Easiest and cheapest way would be to use a tile cutting drill bit they are only £1 or 2 fron the hardware store it's just a flat blade on the end of a drill piece no water or cutting oil is needed just drill the hole slowly with a tiny amount of pressure let the drill do the work and you will have a clean hole through in no time
  8. Use a Dremel. I just cut some glass for my Chianit Bong with it. No chips, no breaks, only clean cuts. Don't need to use water. Just makes a mess and a waste of time.
  9. You use water while cutting to gather the glass particles in a muddy soup, rather than having them become suspended in the air and then straight into your lungs
  10. regular file. Score then snap
  11. A bit of sellotape where you want ur pipe to slot in , i use a tish hammer ( for smashing windows ) but a dart works to , just keep tapping away till you get through , then its just a case of getting it to the size of ur pipe

    sent from behind all that smoke

  12. only way to drill a hole is with a diamond bit and under running water. word of warning...water and electricity do not mix so be careful.
  13. I heard you can do it with a nice drill bit, but under running water or under water like everyone else said.

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