How do you cure your weed

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  1. This block cost 20 us dollars and it is an average weed . I alway wonder why do farmers cure weed like blocks. Whe I buy weed from my dealer he takes out this blocks of the size of a T. V. Iusually hang up my buds for two weeks on a dark fresh place. This is exactly 480 grams.

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  2. Are you sure that's weed and not a rotten banana? just joking.....

    try placing it in an airtight glass jar and keeping it sealed up. Then every day or two, open the jar and allow some fresh air in. if it's too dry just pop a couple of orange peelings in there with it. It gives it a little citrus taste.
  3. I´m keeping my weed iinside a plastic bag and inside the refrigerator, i´t always fresh , Do the orange pieling change for good the taste of the weed ?

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  4. plastic bags are not very air tight, they will do an OK job for curing, but not as good as an airtight jar or container. Glass is Ok so would a plastic container as long as its airtight. Just remember to open it up every day or so to "breathe" for the curing process.

    The orange peel helps to moisten dry bud and it gives it a nice citrus smell adn a little bit of orange flavor to the taste. It's ok if you like oranges, but other fruits like lime, lemon, etc also work as good as oranges. It just depends on what you like best

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