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How do YOU break up your weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SuaveSeadonkey, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Title says it all. What method do you use? I'm very curious, which is why I made this thread/poll. Some people say just use your fingers, some a grinder, and some say scissors pill bottle method. Personally I use a grinder and pack it without touching it. So get at me with some discussion.
  2. Usually fingers cuz ima lazy fuck. But if I have a grinder, I will use that
  3. mah fingerz
  4. i put my weed in a shot glass and shop it with scissors
  5. fingers just cuz i dont have a grinder and i dont buy into the whole "breaking up weed with your fingers losing trichomes" cuz ive never noticed any difference
  6. i like using my fingers its the oldskool in me!.. sometimes ill use scissors, i have a grinder but never use it it has no catcher, i think if i had one with a catcher id use it everytime so i can collect keif, if i onyl i had one as soon as i started blazin id have a pool of that shit and id be set and burnt for life
  7. food chopper not even an option? food choppers work the best for rolling
  8. if im trying to keep the weed as THC caked as possible ill use scissors because they are best for that.

    Otherwise i use my hands, if the weed is too sticky and i wanna roll a j - grinder.
  9. I pretty much use whatever is most readily available.

    I haven't had the extra scratch to spring for a nice grinder, so most of the time I use my fingers if its mid or scissors if its dank. I do prefer a grinder though and preferably one with a kief catcher because I ADORE kief laden bowls.
  10. Depends on how much I'm grinding up.

    1 MFLB trench - mini standard grinder
    All day high - grinder w/keif catcher
    Weekend extravaganza - coffee grinder
  11. Never heard of anyone doing it lol. We talkin like a slap chop?

    [ame=]Slap Chop Remix TV Commercial DJ Steve Porter - YouTube[/ame]
  12. i use other peoples hands.

  13. finger cause i dun give a fuck

  14. ...what? .... like titus andronicus style?
  15. Grinder because I love keif.

  16. yeah.

    i shakemyspear andro style too yo!
  17. The pie chart looks like a peace sign!!
  18. I grind up weed with my dick, don't ask how.
  19. I shoot mine.
  20. Grinder for joints. Fingers for bowls.

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