How do you beat the munchies?

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  1. Self explanatory, how do you resist eating everything when high? :yummy:
  2. Eat a satisfying meal before you smoke
  3. I just eat clean when I'm munching and its all good.

    An apple and a pb and banana sandwhich and I'm a happy man
  4. [quote name='"The Incredible"']self control[/quote]

    This. Rep coming your way when I get back on my comp.

    Also, the less junk you eat, the less cravings you have. Eat healthy and you'll want to keep eating healthy, because junk food becomes really unappealing. Chips, soda, frozen and canned food? I'd rather go hungry for a week than eat those now, to be honest.

    That's not to say I wouldn't if it really came down to it, so please stop the references to 3rd world countries before you post them. And no I'm not rich or spoiled, I'm a broke ass mf born into a broke ass family.

    [quote name='"HBGBUB"']I just eat clean when I'm munching and its all good.

    An apple and a pb and banana sandwhich and I'm a happy man[/quote]

    This + rep as well.
  5. I also have this problemo
  6. I don't.

    I just eat lots of fruits, especially berries. Veggies too. I grow my own, so part of the fun of getting high is being able to eat the "fruits of my labor" haha.

    Plus, you defeat the cotton mouth and the munchies all at once when you eat fruits and veggies :hello:
  7. You don't beat the munchies. The munchies beat you :laughing:
  8. All you need is a banana and an AriZona.. Then life is perfect
  9. Take water and gum.
  10. Just remind yourself that eating and drinking lots of liquid makes your high less intense and possibly blow your high!
  11. I put away all the junk food before a sesh. If i leave it out i know ill end up eating it. I also have a bowl of fruit on the table.....oddly one or two oranges are more satisfying than a big piece of brownie.
  12. ohh yeah and milk is really filling
  13. For me the munchies hit me the worst if im just sitting around stoned on the couch watching TV or im just laying around the house bored! one of the best ways to beat the munchies is to find somthing else to focus on so than you dont even think about the munchies! Trying starting your own vegetable plants working with them is realy relaxing and takes your mind off things and then eventually you will some some delicious health snacks that taste better than anything you would get at the grocery store!
  14. I don't resist, I just feast on lots of fruit and juices. Bolthouse juices are awesome after and during a sesh, and I love berries so I can never get enough of those when I'm high. I really love juicy fruits like mangoes, peaches, and grapes because they instantly cure cotton mouth.
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    I've noticed a lot of 18-25 year old females who are chronic over eaters at establishments like Applebee's and burger King and other pay for a horrible meal to be poorly served in a dingy crowded restaurant. And their result is obesity denial and victim oz at ion
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    My stomach used to be a bottomless pit whenever I got baked.

    I started eating healthier about 3 weeks ago and I'm already noticing a huge difference in terms of energy/cognition/memory/etc. Pretty much If your body feels healthy, you feel healthy. You start seeing things with more clarity, which means you don't crave that junk shit as much even when you're high.
  17. I just try and get so baked that im too lazy to get up and get food :p, it works sometimes, other times it backfires

  18. ive recently started eating healthier as well! its amazing how you really do feel so much all around better after a couple weeks!

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