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How do you ask a contact to have a bowl with you?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eelarch, May 26, 2010.

  1. I know this sounds a silly noob question but i was wondering how you initiate the conversation about smoking some of your latest pickup with your man =]

    How do you guys do it?

    "Hey you wanna go upstairs and smoke a bowl of this?" etc?

    Cheers guys !
  2. When you say "Contact" I assume you mean dealer, just ask if they wanna smoke a bowl man, it's not rocket science, chill. More than often they'll remember the favor.

    Contacts are people too, just handle it like how you would ask your friend if he wanted to smoke.

    Good luck:D
  3. You could ask the question exactly the way you worded it here and it'd be cool.

    Personally, I just ask my guy if he's busy for a little while when I'm picking up. If he's got some time to kill, then it's bowl time.

    Be as casual as you were with this post and it's all good. There's not really any etiquette to follow when you're offering to smoke someone else out. If they're in, they're in. If they're out, they're out.

    S'all good.
  4. I would just say, "Wanna smoke a blunt?" Easy as that.

    Insert how ever you like to smoke where blunt is in the sentence above. :smoke:
  5. yeah i agree with everyone here. I'll usually ask if there gna be up to anything & if they aren't i'd ask if they want to smoke or match. But it all depends on who i buy from & the situation. I kinda depends on how well you know the dealer too; or if you'd like to get to know em more. lol :smoke:

    don't worry about it; he smokes & sells weed & you do too. That's what people do; smoke weed & come together. lol
  6. Cheers guys =] Its jsut i have never done it before so i thought id get your expert opinion :smoke:
  7. The way i got into smoking with my old contact was by smoking with his friend and then smoking with his friend and him and than it just became everytime i was there i'd get baked for free. If that makes no sense forget that i wrote it. I be out for the rest of the night if you knwo what i mean:smoke:
  8. Im out of practice on this because Im friends with my dealer so I think nothing of smoking with him, but I also think nothing of going to bars with him, going to places around the city, IM ing him about nothing related to weed, etc. But I dont see why you couldnt ask about smoking even if you werent in my situation.
  9. I'd usually just ask them if they want to match some bowls. They're people too, treat them like their your friend not a criminal that just wants your money. Good way to get cheap weed is good.
  10. when i smoke with my dealer we go dub 4 dub out of his bong
  11. Definately a good way to get cheaper weed!
    I agree with everyone else, just be chill about it like hey got time for a quick smoke?

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