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how do ya'll enjoy couchlock?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ytfghmjb, May 25, 2009.

  1. it seems like everytime i get a "good", dank indica, it just makes me pass the fuck out. my dealer always comes through with the best buds especially when its sativa, but i just cant handle the indicas at all. it just knocks me completely on my ass, like functioning is a struggle, ya know? its okay for layin in bed watching comedy central and laughin my ass off, but in any other situation it sucks.. like one time i faced a blunt on the way to work and i was just wrecked and unproductive all day. idk i guess i just cant find a way to enjoy it much, it feels too much like a burden. how do you guys feel about the strong indicas??
  2. love em when im alone, but they make you wayyy introverted
  3. I agree bro, smoking straight Indica is a recipe, for me atleast, for doing absolutely nothing. My tolerance however, prevents me from getting full effect so I can still operate.
  4. My preference is all based on the situation. I honestly cannot say I enjoy one more than the other. I prefer an indica/sativa hybrid on most occasions. I love the strong physical buzz you get with an indica, but I have to agree with you; It does make me somewhat unproductive.
  5. I hate it. I'd rather get some sativa and go for a walk.

    This is my 500th post!
  6. IMO, indicas are really nice for when you're on your own and you wanna chill to some music or watch a film. They're also really nice for a bedtime smoke. I'd prefer a sativa dom, or even pure sativa if I'm going to a party or want to do something around the house or work etc.
  7. I agree sometimes couchlock is boring and almost a waste of weed.
  8. indica is a great end of the day kind of weed. i love it after a party when only three or four of us are still awake and your just sitting there thinking and listening to music
  9. It's great for night times, or watching movies with friends, but when it comes to being productive or active and adventurous with friends, it's a no go.
  10. This. :bongin::bongin:
  11. I really don't care for pure indicas like Kush or afgan. I love a good sativa high
  12. indica is for sundays when i know nothin is goin down and i can just chill
  13. I like to switch it up as much as I can, although I usually get bud that is 50/50 or close to that. Sometimes a really heavy Indica dom is amazing for just sitting at home on the weekend and relaxing, Indicas help my migraines too, but I love a good Sativa dominant on the weekdays.

    That's one of the reasons why I love weed so much, variety man. It's the fuckin' spice of life.
  14. I usually like smoking sativas/sativa-dominants in the daytime, and indicas at night.
  15. yea i dont like it either much. its good to smoke one blunt, maybe squeeze one off, then play a round of socom but after that im out, i start falling asleep playing lol
  16. love when the wifey gets back, lol;)
  17. Indicas are definitely an 'at home' occasion. But I'm in the same boat man, I'm way used to the sativas. All the weed I get where I live is sativa, very much of a cerebral high. And then I smoke an indica and DAMN, I'm just sitting there, stuck. Haha.

    It's kind of fun when you're just chilling with friends or by yourself even, but if you have to move around or be productive in any way, indicas are not the way to go until you can just relax.
  18. i think they're great, give me a nice relaxed feeling. just don't smoke as much of it and you won't be so completely out of it.
  19. nighttime ftw

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