How Do We All Feel About Foliar Feeding??

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    Personally ive done it through veg but declined mid way through bloom because i feared mold issues and had alot of those little gnat bastards... recently i read somewhere that foliar feeding creates a leeching problem ?? any thing to that ??

    your input is appreciated ..... HAPPY GROWING GOOD LUCK :D
  2. i dont foliar feed any more because it put those burn spots everywhere n i get a little nervous arouna all that moisture and electricity....
    i feed from the bottom all the way through the grow ... i think it helps draw nutrients up into the plant more effictively as it needs it ...
    when i flush in the last 3 weeks i do so from the top FLUSHING all unused out ....
  3. HIGH All, I don't do it much any LHM used to lots but has slowed down..just ask him and he thinks they just don't need it..clones yes All the times.
  4. I no longer use this method(except clones), because I have read in a few different books that it causes the roots to slow down on thier growth because they dont have to search through and soil as much for water and food. I Have never used this method in flowering, because I fear mold and mold buds is like moldy bread, nobody wants it...choke with ya later...

  5. Ha ha. Very funny. Is that as opposed to Rat Bastards. LoL, that cracked me up. I must be high or something. Anyway, spray clones but don't spray the plant unless there is some kind of problem with it (like a magnesium deficiency for instance). So I would agree with the other boys and girls.
  6. yeah i got like little gnats any advise on how to get rid of thoses? Fly paper?

  7. Do they look like pic #1 or pic #2?

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  8. I never spray my plants, nor do I spray my clones... only time I spray something on my plants is a couple of days before I take clones from a mother, which is stuff to prevent wilting.

    I quote from Joe Crowe:

    "I've noticed a few problems. The solution to creating rafts of new clones is like this:

    1) Never spray your clones with anything.
    2) Smaller or larger clones....the ones closer to the top of the plant root faster.
    3) Low resevoir temps!! 65F-70F max!!! Cool temps slow rooting, but also inhibit bacterial and fungus attack.
    4) Don't use a humidity dome.
    5) Never...never add anything to your water. Ph 7 distilled or tap water anything ph7 will do. no ph swings. no nutes, no nutrient
    6) Stems in the water.
    7) Shop fluoro light 6 inches away from the top of the clones.
    The light is a careful balance between providing energy to manufacture root cells, and too much light that stimulates veg growth. Vegging clones will still root, just a little slower. Not enough light, and your clones will rot away at the end of 2 weeks, without ever rooting."

    Burnt1: How's about takeing away the medium? I run a mediumless DWC setup, and use neoprene to hold the plant. It's synthetic, gnats can't live there. Problem solved.....but for now fly paper, lady bugs, a few praying mantis, or you can get some of this stuff:

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  9. I have no experience with cannabis but I like spraying plants with just plain water, helps clean off dust and I think I'd like it if I were a plant.
  10. A clean grow room is a happy grow room.
  11. those little gnat bastards like to lay eggs in the top layer of your soil b cuz its generally moist n warm and out of the way of the wind.....
    if you were to water from the bottom that might help but dont they like that moistire in the tray ?
    a fan definately seems to reduce thier #'s too.
    moms method ... dish soap in a spray bottle.... :confused:

  12. What’s up Trichome Farmer welcome to grass city. There are a couple of inaccuracies in your above mentioned list that I want to go over because some of the neewbees reading your post might get the wrong idea.

    (1) Right after you cut your clones they do not have any roots to drink water with. Therefore, spraying the leaves is the only way they can get the needed water.
    (2) Actually, the place to clone from the mother plant is at the bottom. The top ones root a lot slower
    (3) I don't have a problem with this one
    (4) A humidity dome is absolutely necessary to keep that moisture in that you sprayed your leaves with
    (5) Actually, spraying with a very diluted nutrient solution is acceptable
    (6) Stem in water is one method
    (7) A shop fluoro is ok however; clones do not need bright light while rooting. In fact, clones can be placed on a window sill that DOES NOT have bright and direct light or in the periphery of an HID.

    If you have any problems with my corrections I highly suggest you pick up a book called The Marijuana Growers Insider's Guide by Mel Frank and turn to page 288. If you do not have access to this book I would be more than happy to type you out the pages in the book with the CORRECT procedure for taking clones.
  13. i spray my stuff, oh so very lightly in the middle of my watering schedule. water every 4 days ,spray every2,,, overgrower thru a excellent point....and smknvtec, did a good job of correcting that other fellow, i was following him till he said,,,,, no dome,, a dome is extremly important during the clone phase,, as stated they dont feed from roots they dont have,,,,,,, that trapped up moisture, when the dome is covered with little drops of water,.,,,,, well you know then you are doing all you can to help them survive,,, the rest is up to mother nat.,,,,,some live, some dont..:bolt: ..
  14. HIGH All, again couldn't have said it better guys.....Clones and Domes...Almost sounds like it grows together.
  15. Blah Blah, I agree with Trichomes Farmer.

  16. Well people do things a certain way until they find better, I believe I have.

    Lets face it Mel F. doesn't have all the answers, people should try other things for themself before they knock them just because of what a book says...

    Thing is do what works best for you.

    EDIT: If someone can find Joe Crowe for me, I'd apreciate it...he could probably explain things in further detail a lot better then I could.

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