How do u report someone??

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  1. In the few years I have posted on this site I have never needed to actually report someone for being a douche. :D

    I feel the need to do so now, and I dont know how I would go about reporting them. I have PM'd tons of mods in the past for other reasons and I never get replies, so I was wondering if there was actually a way to get in contact with mod???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks. :D
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    On top right of each post there is a report post icon [​IMG]. You can use that to report any post
  3. Quality responses above me:smoke:
  4. I've never reported anyone but sometimes I'm just like damn......that guy was a dick :devious:

    ...just wanted to throw that out there since the question had already been answered
  5. You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you hit the report button, and you shake it all about... You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, that's how you report a post!

    Or, you know, the above answers are fine too. :smoking:

  6. Finally some accurate information here!


  7. Yeh this is how man ;) :D
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    Someone after my heart.
  9. Well its kinda funny. Now I feel like if I report this person Im being a bitch. So I cant even force myself to do it. lol
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    Provide a link, I'll help. Reporting helps the site run smoothly, takes some ease off the mods, and helping members re-learn what the rules are. I've received an infraction for something I thought was in the rules, and all it did was help me change up my post style so it doesn't happen again.
  11. Cant do it...

  12. Haha no worries man, only trying to help.

  13. It's no big deal, if he is breaking the rules you may as well, it may only be a PM you know like a little reminder but no worry's man if your not really offended.

    Also maybe you should provide a link like PM a mod and ask them if it's report worthy or just ask them to you know what i really don't know haha i'm just trying to help you figure it out but i have no idea what i'm really talking about :D
  14. Dont be afraid to report as often as you want. I report so much I got them to reduce the reporting time :p

    Yeah Im an asshole.
  15. Well its funny u say that mushroom.

    YOU are the one I was gonna report.... :devious:

    Mwahahahaha Im joking.. :D

    It does make me laugh that u have actually bitched so much that they have completely changed their procedures.

    Keep up the good work mushroom!!! :D

  16. :laughing: You come across as wise as someone in there 50's but your like 24 :laughing:
  17. If something disturbs you , the best thing to do is reporting that message. It is not something you should feel yourself bad. Imagine you have a neighboor who is acting like Dexter , would you stop reporting him to cops because he may feel bad about you. Additionally all reports are kept private and staff don't share any information about the original reporter. So noone would know that you are the reporter.

  18. I aint no rat!!!

    Ill never talk!!!!
  19. I'll be sure to stay from Mushroom...


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