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How do u really blow smoke rings?:D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Uktoker117, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Hi ive been smoking weed for nearly 3 years but the only smoking trick i can do is where i push the smoke out my mouth with my tounge then inhale the cloud back in but I dont know how to blow smoke from my mouth into my nose like my mate can do really good.

  2. I never blow rings with pot. Its too thin to be a good effect, if you hold it in long enough at least
  3. E-cig is the easiest way to learn. French inhale is just a matter of practice, and smoke rings is the same thing. Position of the tongue, and control of the air you puff out at one time

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  4. It's easier to blow smoke rings when you don't inhale the smoke. Whether it be weed, cigarette, or even a cigar. The smoke is thicker before inhaled. If it's weed it's a waste not inhale obviously, but practice on a cigarette, you should see it's a lot easier to do it without inhaling.
  5. Hard to explain but you tongue needs to be in the middle of your mouth and use your throat to push out air.  Ecigs are perfect for practicing.
  6. It's like whistling.. You just learn with practice. And like he said, don't inhale the smoke

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  7. I've smoked pot everyday for a couple months and very regularly (4+ times a week) for over half a year and I don't know how to roll a joint by hand, so don't be ashamed haha.
  8. Oval shaped O with mouth, breath out very lightly while tapping check, or flick it out with your tongue, or lightly making a coughing throat motion thing. I even blew rings out my nose before. Haha
  9. the only trick you know is called a ghost inhale btw
  10. its to thin? My smoke is thick as hell if i don't inhale

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  11. If you don't inhale. Not inhaling pot is a waste to me, and not worth all you waste to maybe get a good ring or two
  12. Go to a head shop and get a fantasia "hookah" pen. That'll get you started.
  13. I've never tried to do smoke rings by inhaling the smoke the only trick I do with weed is ghost inhale. Only do smoke rings of its with a shisha or ciggerate

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  14. Take a deep fat hit and keep it in your cheeks. Slowly use your tongue as a base to "push" the smoke out. Do this very slowly and steadily because If not smoke will vanish.

    As you are keeping from breathing through the throat, begin to inhale through the nostrils at the same time that you are slowly exhaling the smoke. With enough practice it's easy.

  15. Oh no... You better get on youtube rollings js is like art dude

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  16. I only get thick smoke with blunts or j's anyway before you waste a lot of bud get a cheap hookah pen off ebay and learn that way.

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  17. Just for s&g I tried rings with my m420. Thick ass smoke, got like 5 nice rings from one hit, but it wastes too much for me to ever really do again, unless maybe to impress a chick
  18. Only works with a big bong rip or a joint/blunt.
  19. mmm what dat mouth do

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