How do u make gravity bongs

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  1. How can I make the strongest gravity bong possible out of household items? I want a ton of smoke.. cause whenever I make one I can get alot but not much comes out after I hit it. Any ideas?
  2. You are best off if you have an old glass slide for the bowl or purchasing one from an LHS to use for the bowl, having said that...

    When I was younger to make a grav, I would use a plastic pitcher, two liter soda bottle with the bottom nubs cut off and the key is making the cap air tight. If you have a glass bowl great, if not I generally used a socket with a tapered end at the bottom: [​IMG]
    Similar to the one on the left lying down here.

    Once you have what your bowl is going to be, grab a power drill and drill a hole just a little bit smaller than the bottom of your socket/bowl...After you have drilled the hole, take a lighter and heat the hole up for about 5-7 seconds and then quickly grab your bowl/socket and *slowly* push through the top, this way the melted plastic kind of wraps around the sides of the bowl/socket so that it is air tight. Making the cap is by far the most important part, and you will likely go through a couple caps in trial and error
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  3. Nice, thanks I think that was the problem because I never drilled a hole I just heated the cap and shoved it through
  4. Yeah I have done that before but it makes it so much harder to get the right sized hole, hope it works out for you, happy smoking :smoke:
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  5. There is one size of socket that fits perfectly so you don't need to drill, can't remember the size though I want to say 13mm but really can't remember.

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