how do u keep a dog away from eating your plant?..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by 420 Shade, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. so anybody know how too..

    my freaking dog always eating my seedlings...
  2. haha honestly enough if the animal wants it bad enough its pretty hard to keep em from it
  3. i did buy one of cats, and dog repelents... it ketp the street cats away, but my dog dont give a fuck.. actually its my fult he likes to eat MJ plants.. it all started when i first got him... he use to be running around all the time ignoring the mj, untill i gave him a leave... fucker like it... now he be eating the seedlings.... worst part he stingy.. wont even leave me a peace of bud for me to i found a cure.. i put a fence, and made a door to go inside... so the dog just looks at the plant, and smells it from outside of the

    PS... my parrot, iguana, and dog eats MJ leavess..... nothing but stoners in these house....
  4. shudnt give drugs to animals. just consenting adults.

  5. 420 Shade isn't giving, the dog is taking. And they're seedlings, not drugs. I'm sure whatever fan leaves he gave the dog in the past weren't recreationally useful, either. In any case it certainly doesn't sound like he's abusing his dog. It sounds like his dog is abusing him, lol :D

    EDIT: I just saw that last line about the other animals.. I do agree.. But leaves are harmless unless they're from the budding part of the plant during flowering. Otheriwse they're just nutritious and I don't see the harm (ethically or otherwise).
  6. uh.. dog had ate some plants with buds on it since it was lil 10 inches like 2 weeks intoflowering.. i only give the perrot one leave from the fan leaves whiles its on the veg stage..

    the iguana eats the bud and leavess.. i once took a branch with bud from my dad plant.. i was like 16, and the basketball hit the plant and brock off, so i took it in, and didnt know where to hit it at from my dad.. so i look at my iguana cage, and stick it in there... 1hour later i come back to see he was half way of the branch just leaveing the stems... i smoke the the letf over of the buds(when i took it out of there, and letf it in the cabinit, and dried).. and the iguana ketp the mj branch.. is nice thin and brown... he slep on it for a while untill he couldent ballence him self no more.. know its just sitting there, and once in a while he try to get on it..

    remember thug... MJ is a nature plant.. these use to be animals food, and make there home from it.. deers are one of the animals who eats mj plants..
  7. You smoked the male bud?



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