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how do u grow mid?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Blazin Budz, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. the title pretty much says it...how do u grow mid grade pot with seeds?
  2. I dunno why you would want to but uhhhh you would just not take care of the plants as well as they need to be taken care of and don't weed out the males. Water them once every 2 weeks, if that. Don't give them any kind of fertilizers and don't give them a lot of light and BLAM, ya got some shitty weed on your hands!
  3. its from not weeding out the males
  4. i dont want to i was just wounderin how the mids i get r grown..y would ppl not take out the males and make a lot more money
  5. A lot of weed is grown commericaly (in big fields in different countries and what not) and they aren't taken care of.
  6. If you just want mid grade weed to grow, just grow it off the seeds you get in your baggies.
  7. n0s thats not true at all dude. I've seen tons of people grow from shwag seeds and get killer buds. Its already been said. It becomes "mids" with the low quality production and the way its transported; remember once it is grown it has to be smuggled in since its illegal.
  8. yea, I grew mid grade seeds and the outcome after picking out all the males was bud that smelt like rotten cantaloupe that had the most pleasant smoke ever. i have grown wicked ass bud from mids. I had one plant that had cuticle leafs nice and shiny looking with a dark almost black leafs that grew so dense that it was 1 foot tall with a 1 1/2 inch stem after topping. you can bring ou the best in any plants genetics with TLC as long as the bud isnt compleat ditch weed garbage mexican armpit burrito weed lol.
  9. grow reg seeds like kryp or grow kryp seeds like shit
  10. This is the most ridiculous post I've seen on this forum in a while...anyhow....Don't take care of your plants.
  11. Mids are just they way it is cured and more or less commercially packaged. Some mids are really good some are ass. Most all mid is grown in large amounts therefor the growers tend to leave males maybe pull most but some left. Mid is seeded usually and of a darker green, brownish gold, or just straight popoo brown,, yuck. GooD LucK
  12. Mids are mostly from large scale outdoor operations. You'd have to grow outdoors so your plants will be subjected to whatever nature brings (animals, wind, storms etc), many outdoor growers do cut down their males but seeds are inevitable because you won't find every single male and the male will carry pollen around to some females, you'd have way too many plants (in the hundreds to thousands) so you won't be able to baby each one like dank growers do, harvest them in as crude a manner as any other honest farmer would do because you don't have the time to sit in a field carefully manicuring buds when you have acres of massive trees to handle. If you're lucky your girls wouldn't have to be compressed upon transportation. Some people here snob too much, chronic is the cream of the crop but mids are the working man's crop, you go live in the wilderness and attempt to secretly grow acres of super bud and see how much easily it can be done

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