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How do they name weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuyMeSome, May 11, 2011.

  1. I just smoked strawberry cough and lemon something and im really confused on who named these and why.
  2. Whoever grows them I would assume.

    However, if you pick up from the guy down the street you can almost guarantee the names are bullshit.
  3. People just make shit up. My first grow I named my bagseed "white dogshit" because it smelled like shit but was frosty. My current one is going to be "dogshit orgasm" regardless of whether they turn out good buds or not
  4. I think there was some guy on here whos dealer told him a nug was called "Blueberry Yum Yum Kush" haha

  5. I had this one stuff at a party called blueberry kush. I was drunk, but, it was the bomb dankety. It was a mix of blueberry yum yum and some kush. Very strong blackberry taste.

    Bomb dankety would be a great name.

  6. If you don't mind enlightening me, what is "a mix of blueberry yum yum"? Never heard of it.
  7. Just saying the name makes me laugh.. Blue berry yum yum kush
  8. The same way the name hurricanes.
  9. "______" put name here and add the word "Kush" at the end and people will buy no matter how good it is. Ontario market is so flooded with garbage commercial Kush from B.C., but people are so brainwashed by stupid rappers, rapping about Kush that they buy it all up at outrageous prices. I blame all these retarded little white kids who want to be like fuckn stupid ass wiz fuckfacea and 25 cent, for buying all the garbage Kush that commercial growers in B.C. Have flooded our market with for fucking ruining our market. Not the people who sent it here just the little ignorant rapper wannabes for buying.

    Sorry for the rant but I had to vent. I could have the best locally grown chronic on the planet but people wouldn't buy it if it wasn't a "Kush". Maybe I'll start calling everything "Kush". But I hate people who make up names for their dope as a gay ass gimmicky marketing tool. Fuuuuuck. Angry
  10. [Insert stupid ass name here] kush/haze
  11. alphabetically?
  12. yea i understand. i think the legit names of strains were given to them by serious growers, then those growers gave the same seeds to someone else and so on. i think they were just given names for bud.

    a dealer can take bud and call it anything he wants, so it helps if you ask your dealer to find out what its called so you know its legit.
  13. blueberry kush is real though
  14. There are definitely some real kush strains, but people can easily make up names like Orange Peel Lemon Berry Kush, pretty easy. I love how when people create names of strains they add characteristics of fruit, like "blueberry," "cherry," "strawberry," etc. It's not like marijuana actually is related to a berry bush or something lol.
  15. Where did the word kush or haze come from then?
  16. The term hindu kush came from the weed that was grown on the hindu kush mountain range in in afghanistan and pakistan. In hindu the word "kush" means grass used for mats and roofs. So I'm guessing the word kush is just reassuring that the plant is marijuana.
  17. As for why it's nicknamed after fruit a lot, it's just because the way the terpenes smell and taste remind them of fruit. There are many many ways for one person to interpret a smell, but try this when you and your friends smoke some weed, once they are stoned just ask them (while being totally serious) and ask something like 'do you smell chocolate in this fuckin dope man?' try and make it something close to the smell of the bud and then watch the power of suggestion.
  18. I understood why bud was given names of fruit cause it smells like that, but it kinda doesn't make sense because marijuana doesn't "breed" with other kinds of plants.
  19. As far as why, marketing. The catchier the name, the more you can get for it.

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