How do they look ? :))

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  1. Hi all , so this is my 2nd grow ! C99 hybrid and bubba kush , growing indoors70W/ balcony
    I'm using only water no nuts and other things

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  2. lookin good! i dunno how close your lights are, but if you can get them closer without raising the temp too much, i would.
  3. Use nutes.
  4. Nice fatty indicas :smoke: Looks good so far... :smoke:
  5. What Ghooost and Kronikkk said.
    How old?
  6. its end of the week 3, +/- 1 day .... i dont want to use nutes cuz aint gottta ph meter and dont wanna to screw up em :))
  7. Your plants don't know what a pH meter is. They're just hungry.
  8. You will have to feed them eventually. They will not do so well if you dont feed them at all.
  9. what kind of nutrients you guys suggest to me ? , im still rookie in this field ! Thx
  10. Fox Farm trio is a excellent nute combo comes with a handy idiot proof chart to feed your plants at all stages of development. Also get a PH Balancing kit..very easy to use. Has a PH up and PH Down solution and a PH chemical tester. You can pick up both for probably under 40 bucks from Amazon.

    Like the above said you will eventually need to feed them. How would you like to go on a water diet for a few weeks? Plants eat nutes for food.
  11. A simple 2 part system like Age Old Organics.
  12. What they said. A 'Flairform' pH test kit is a good start. Most hydro shops sell them, or try online. (That's where I got mine, while I'm waiting for a decent Hanna pH meter to arrive, my old cheapy is rubbish.) A good electronic meter is much more accurate and readable, but needs regular calibration.
    Regarding nutes, once again, what they said. There are many good brands.
    General Hydroponics / General Organics are pretty good, too.
  13. woww good job
  14. they look great, on the nutes thing, it's important they get em, not important that you buy anything expensive... i do the organic thing, check out EWC teas, coffee grounds, molassas.. but dont get me wrong, i got nothing against nutes, just personally have everything at my disposal to do it all myself...

    a plant with nutes will yeild more, but even without nutes, as long as it has what it needs to support it in the soil from sprout to ripe, your fine, the plants not gonna like die if you dont add nutes... (if your soils ok)
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    Thanks to all ! My both plants begun to smell sweet yesterday :))) ill buy some liquid flower nutrients in couple days at the moment i only have phosphorus sticks like stick them in the ground and flush ,can i use em ?

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  16. Throw those things out. They hyper concentrate that nute in one area. Get liquid nutes that you can mix with the water.
  17. i already use em before i read your post .. i crush em and mixd with water , ok no more things like that in future

  18. hell if you have to use MG Tomato Nutes for Vegging, they work pretty well imho.

  19. I second this


  20. yeah, surprisingly MG got something right in the terms of Nutes that can be used for MJ.

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