How do they look 7 days in

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  1. Just transplanted to seperate pots. Got 3 plants total how do they look 7 days in?

    plant 1

    plant 2

    plant 3
  2. lookin nice and proper for 7 days. Good start man.
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    thanks man about how much longer before theyll start looking diffrent and growing some more

    their outside in those pics i had to water and transplant them. But the rest of the time theyve been under my cfls going to get 2 daylight 6500k cfls around this weekend hopefully.
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    Depending on your lighting they grow from week to week. If going cfl I recommend getting 4 to 5 (23 actual wattage) cfls. If it is 100w or something on the package it says it really equals 14-20 watts actual wattage so be sure. You need almost 100w for each plant.
  5. yea i have 4 23 watt cfls and one 13 watt for now. but im gonna go get 2 daylight bulbs that are 26 watt though, to replace the 13 watt and one 23 watt
  6. sounds great man good luck .
  7. my cfl im useing in my PC grow is rather large and not squigly like the small ones its 3 large loops type things and on the bulb it says 120W im only growing 1 in the pc im going to use ScroG. is my light the right type? should i get a different one for flowering?
  8. Look at the box you bought it in. if it says 120 actual watts not the 23 watts = 120 watts equivilant then your fine . hopefully your cfl looks like this

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  9. yea thats my bulb in the picture so its good enough right, for one plant
  10. you should be fine if it's a 120w then.
  11. even flowering the one plant?
  12. [​IMG]

    Thats mne 7 days in, so compare.
  13. very similar thanks
  14. i suggest put light little bit close...beciaus the leafs are little bit stretching to ligt.
  15. still growing 11 days now. finally got 5 bulbs total 3 26 watt 6500k and 2 23 watt 2700k
  16. all this bulbs for 1 plant? write?

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