How do these outdoor plants look (Flower week 3)

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  1. Hey guys ive been growing some random seeds but they turned out good quality , my question is do they look healthy and mature enough for plants in week 3 Of flowering
    p.s as you see one of them has some spots on the leaves and i am wondering if cutting them is the only way to prevent furthrr disease

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  2. Spots are normally either pest or some imbalance removing leafs will not fix either of those
  3. Probably Catepillars. BT is the solution if that's your problem, or if you don't want to spray, picking them off. Cutting the leaves will not remedy your problem.
  4. I dont see any eaten parts of the leaves ,rather there are some strange spots on some of them.
  5. Spots on the lower leaves? Looked like light, can you get a closer picture?
  6. I'll take some pics when i go to the site next time ;)
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  7. Update week 5 in flowering
    The girls radiate skunky noticeable smell
    I have 1 question: do they seem to be sativa dominant?

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  8. Yes, definitely sativa dom (if not pure sativas.)
  9. Hey guys, I know my couple plants are nothing compared to many but I think mine are beginning to flower. This is my first time and there outside, Seeds were suppose to be afgan kush. Do these look right? And Iam in upstate NY wondering how much longer before these girls start showing bud. Am I correct that they are in the flowering stage?

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  10. I'm in upstate NY too!

    To answer your question, yes, they have begun to flower. They look like they're about a week or two in.

    From the looks of it, expect a late October harvest. Buds will begin to become apparent in a few weeks - around late Sept.
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  11. One more pic of my girls, I think there in the flowering stage?

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  12. Thanks for responding buddy, Iam in the finger lakes region which has been getting a little cooler lately. Although today is beautiful and the girls are probably loving it. In your opinion what will be the best time and most noticeable time to harvest? So your saying another 4-6 weeks maybe? And does this look like afgan kush?
  13. sa
    same question about mine, i am afraid that October wont be warm enough for the sativa flowering
  14. Same for down in the Albany area. Got a lot of rain these past few days, but the sun is shining today!

    Another 6 weeks at least; I can only give you a rough estimate though. To know exactly when to harvest, purchase a cheap jeweler's loupe. Look at the trichromes through the loupe and harvest when about 70% of them are cloudy/milky. For more info on harvest, visit this page.

    As for whether it looks like afghan kush, I can't tell. The leaves are definitely consistent with an indica though.
  15. This is just an assumption, so take it with a grain of salt, but it looks as if you'll be harvesting in November. At the earliest, late October. Again, this is just an assumption/guess made off your pics.

    Based on an experiment I did last year, cold weather isn't much to be concerned about. Just go with the flow and when they're done, they're done.
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  16. from your experience do they eventually turn purple color because of cold weather?
  17. Slightly, yes. I've never had my main/top buds turn completely purple, but they get a purple hue. My lower buds usually go full purple if it gets cold enough (>40 degrees F)
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  18. Sorry for the stupid question but how much could i pull off if there are 10 plants all of them above 2m high and with many branches like this one

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  19. There's no way to say for sure, but it'll be a lot. You're looking at pounds if everything goes well.
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  20. UPDATE Week 6 of Flowering
    pics from today , it's weird how they don't reek as much as the previous time , in addition i see a change in the buds' thickness

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