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  1. its my first grow and I was wondering if they look healthy? They're about 3 weeks into veg. One is in a DWC bucket and one in Foxfarm soil and I'm using a 450w Viparspectrum LED and I'm using Advance Nutrients, about 1/2 strength of what they recommend.

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  2. Looks small for 3 weeks man... but not looking to bad at all :)
  3. What are your plans? Do you plan on doing LST?

    They look pretty small for 3 weeks.
    This was my plant at 3 weeks although I did LST
    and then it started to explode in growth and this was it 5 days later.
  4. I'm not sure man, I topped it a few times. They starting to explode in growth in last 24 hours.
  5. I actually LST it for a few days last week. The growth stopped so I untied it.
  6. If you're gonna do LST you gotta do it and commit. The whole point of LST isn't an explosion of top growth it's an explosion of growth on the lower budsite since they can get exposed more to light
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  7. Mine @ 4.5 weeks

    And just started to do the LST..

    Had a lot of problems but think she is coming good now. IMG_0160.JPG
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  8. Also man I think a lot of my problems were due to not adding CALMAG nutrient... put some in last night and can already see a difference!! Get some asap.
  9. Looks good! What's CalMag?
  10. A calcium + magnisum supplement bro... I'll find a link
  11. Thanks man!
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