How do these look? Day 9 Auto AK

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  1. First grow. I have some auto ak about day 9 started in RR plugs then put those into these hempy cups.. hole is about 1" from bottom of cup

    RO Water, Didnt ph cos I dont have a kit, 100% MG perlite (I know that's all I could get) But flushed it before putting them in it, sprouted under cfl then turned on the 1000 watt about 4 feet above a few days later, helped keep temps up in the room, but one day it got above 90 and the humidity was around 15... I fixed the problem that night but that was 2 days ago and I havent noticed much improvement from them since. They get water once a day till it seeps out hole

    Last pic is my diy humidifier from a ultrasonic mister... Puts 20% more RH and drops temp a few degrees

    I have since gotten the temp to stabilize at around 80 and humidity around 40.

    Any opinions from experienced people????

    I just want to make sure they will be ok!!

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  2. They have that classic "oh shit i forgot to water them, so i'll overwater" look........ I know it well LOL. They look like they have been through a little trauma but I bet they rally like champs in a couple days.
  3. id say they look like 9 day old plants ,
  4. bump they have not improved in 3 days thinking of putting them back under cfl
  5. Day 10 Put them back under the cfl, did not water last night. Still no noticeable improvement. Only reason I am so worried is they are autoflower they cant afford to be stunted am I right? Are they showing any signs of anything? The temp is fine now...

    Ive narrowed it down to:

    Heat stress from 5 days ago
    Nute burn from not rinsing MG perlite good enough
    Overwatering (Doubt it)
    PH off in water ( Been using RO and used rainwater once)

    What do you think?

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  6. well to me it looks like overwatering, typical fallen leaves just dont water them for another few days they will come back round just leave them alone and they will grow, as for your ph problem and use hydro buy the looks of it, check the ph when the plants get better or every day, and use this to bring it up and down .the light burn nothing you can do when they grow new and bigger leaves in a few weeks they will be fine. i would bring your vfl lights closer to get the new leaves out and not put them under a bigger morw powerful light for about a weeks
  7. mate , reason why plants get like this is because people tend to give them too much love
    check the ph in your water/nutes
    check the ph in your soil/medium
    grab a cup the same size that your plants are in
    fill with water checking the ph
    flush your plants lightly and check the ph on your run off fluid

    me personally think you are killing your plants
    mothering is the fastest way to kill
    the look of them is giving signs of deficiency
    meaning you are adding more of 1 thing but not the other
    if your using nutes i hope you are doing a half solution , but just go under recommended dosage

    if you fail this grow don't give up
    just discover the mistakes and learn from it
    for your next grows medium id suggest using
    70% coco fibre
    10% perlite - NO MG SHIT
    10% vermaticulite - excuse the spelling
    and 10% clay pallets
    this mixture is 100% NATURAL !!! there are no traces of ferts , nutes and trace elements etc...
    so what that means is " YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL "
    READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on the back of the nute bottle and be precise or just under
    giving more nute's doesn't make it grow faster or stronger etc...
    it TOTALLY does the opposite !!!!!!!
  8. All that perlite, could be trapping too much moisure in the soil?? try scraping the top layer off one, and see if it helps? Not good for them to be too wet all the time. Just a thought? Good luck though man,
  9. Im thinkin the problem is from the rapid rooter plugs, hempy bucket you cant water too much, but at watering once a day, and water hitting the plug when I water, the plug has been soaked this whole time and I haven't noticed, when you squeeze it a bit water starts to want to ooze out like a sponge, I am going to let them dry out and hope for improvement.
  10. i second all the other comments.... looks like high temps and overwatering to me....
  11. dude post use a pic of them today let us have a look, try and get a macro shot of them
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    Still no Improvement... They don't look worse though... And the root plug isnt dry enough yet I don't think.

    This is driving me nuts because they are auto ak and every day of this crap is affecting yield isnt it?

    Edit: Also wanted to add that after reading a few comments about nute burn and such I flushed them yesterday morning, so it has been 24 hours now with no watering, I expect them to start drying out within the next 48, the rapid rooter plugs REALLY hold on to water. I sure hope this fixes them!

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  13. remove that so much vermic.
    they looks very can apply amount of verm. like that when they are ending of veg.

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