How do people identify fake ID's at liquor stores, bars, etc.

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  1. From what I have experienced /know, most of the time its a book. Sometimes bouncers have special training. Sometimes it's just experience and knowledge. Also does anyone have / know where to buy a copy of this "book" people use to identify id's?
  2. People get busted with fakes because they act nervous while using it or the information on the ID is so far fetched it's obviously a fake.

    If you're like 18 or 19 and want one to get into bars don't make it say your age is 26, because you're obviously not.

    Don't use your real name (obviously) but don't use something that will be hard for you to remember either. If a clerk/bar tender/bouncer suspects it's fake they'll quiz you on the information by asking you your name, address, zip code, etc. If you don't know it or hesitate a little you'll get caught, most likely have the ID taken, and possibly get the cops called on you.

    Fakes usually feel "off" in a way too. It's hard to describe, but they just don't feel like real IDs, so try and keep it in YOUR hands if possible.

    Trust me, I'm a clerk.
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  3. Some places I go have something to scan my lisc

  4. You can get fakes from certain states that actually scan. I don't remember them off the top of my head though.
  5. My friend has a fake that scana. But I told him dont try it at the casino. There they had a machine they put my liscience in because my Age doesnt look close
  6. Yeah, I'd advise against casino gambling unless you're actually of age.

    You'd be fucking heated if you hit a $1 million jackpot but couldn't claim it.
  7. I'm 21 went to buy some liquor the bastard behind the counter thought I had a fake ID because I looked really young in the pic without a beard and about 40 pounds thinner. I was 18 when I got my license and don't have to renew it until a couple months. it still Fucking sucks that I almost got denied with a real ID.
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  8. that's like getting hit with DRM despite the fact that you actually bought said game.

    funny how laws and protocols in place that are there to "protect" us infringe on those of us doing the right thing.
  9. yea i live in a college town for most of the year and i've heard stories of peoples real ids being snipped.
  10. Because it has your name as
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    Mr. Girly (and my padre)

    If they scan, they are good. If the don't scan you will likely have to take it up with the DMV and they won't serve you. (unless it's from state that's not in the system)

    If they have a hole punched, the lamination is coming off or it it's "cloudy".. then it's not good. (Aside from obvious fakes)

    He worked at a liquor store and my dad currently does. Btw, they both said they didn't get a book they just had training for like 5 hours. Hahaha.
  12. Usually blacklight, around here. They'll generally only scan it once it fails the blacklight (at bars and whatnot. Supermarkets are almost always gonna check your shit if you look young.)
  13. Slick..

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