How Do My Clones Look ??? Pics Included

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by KingDevin1991, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. I took these 9 clones off 4 different plants two days ago. The temperature is 78 Degrees. I open dome once a day and when I do open dome I mist them. Also I used clonex gel. How Do my clones look?


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  2. lookin good, are you doing a grow journal?
    what strains are they?
  3. They look great, I just made a bubble cloner 2 weeks ago and cut 6 bubblicious and have roots coming on, I dont use a dome at all.
    I like the cloner so much that im going to quit soil and do hydro from here on out.
  4. looks good from here matey'
  5. @[member="xRizlaRichx"] barney;s 5 Critical Kush, 2 THC Bomb, & 2 Northern Light Skunk...I plan on starting a journal soon
  6. That's great looking forward to it
  7. Sorry to double post, why no dome?
    Wot do you use to keep up ur humidity ?

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