How do I use this oil attachment? Please help me!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by LSDisYUMMY, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Just bought this for my bong. I've tried it a few times with slight success, but I am still unsure of the real way to use it. Can somebody please please shine some light and help?

    Heres a pic of it: imgur: the simple image sharer
  2. bump. please help me out
  3. that looks mad derpy but it might just be the cell phone pic, if you know what the name of it is google it or try youtube, good luck
  4. I'd seek advice at your friendly LHS bro.
  5. Huh...

    I've only smoked out of an oil rig once, but it had a vertical nail inside the dome that you heat up and apply the oil to and then smoke.

    This... does not seem like it could do that.

    I have no idea what's going on with that thing. :p
  6. Is that a skillet dome hybrid?
  7. I don't know the technical name for it, but it's one of those crack pipe oil domes. Basically you take a torch and torch the fuck out of the bottom and then dab in the hole, ya know?
  8. the only oil domes i have used included a ti nail. you might need one of those. ie [​IMG]

    edit: just looked at the picture again it looks like a oil piece i have never seen before 0_o
  9. The one in your pic,OP,looks like what they call an oil burner in the head shops.Only thing that looks different is that it's bent and fits in your bong.
  10. if its completely open at the bottom then you need the swing part that includes the plate you torch then touch your oil too.

    it's called a skillet or vapor swing. Can't really tell what you got with the picture.
  11. You probably heat the bottom of the dome and then dab into it so you don't have a nail or pad/ladle
  12. Yeah this is correct. It's pretty much a glass rose (for other drugs), you smoke it like one too.
  13. Looks like one of those things they use to smoke the unmentionables that are produced in backwoods trailers if ya know what I mean... You're supposed to put a bit of material in through that hole then heat the bottom with a torch until it vaporizes. If you trust your motor skills enough you could try heating it then threading a dab in through the hole but you won't be able to get much in that way. Also if you bought it with that black stuff already stuck to the bottom I would give it a thorough cleaning before use, don't want to risk inhaling a much harder and potentially dangerous drug residue...

    But honestly it seems really impractical for anything other than loose kief/ground up hash so I'd mostly recommend finding a better oil attachment more specifically suited for use with concentrates.

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