How do I use rapid rooter plugs?!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kittengirl, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hi everybody! I am new to cloning & have looked on Google & YouTube for info on rapid rooters. But there is alot of conflicting information on the web.....
    So my question is how to use rapid rooter plugs out of the bag?. I plan on having the clones in RR's growing in a cutdown icecream pail with a clear bowl as a dome. Should I soak them or not? Once they're in my my makeshift dome do I add any water for the rapid Rooters in the bottom of the pail? I tried cloning about a month ago in jiffy pucks and they took a long time to root got 2-3 good clones out of 6.I'm gonna be using a heating pad of course, in the same room as the mother under a 200watt cfl. But please somebody tell me how to do this right so I have better success this time around!?:)
  2. Rapid Rooter plugs come pre-moistend,get a cutting,dip it in your rooting gel and out it straight into the plug.....then mist the top lightly..this helps keep the clone alive until roots develop.

  3. ^^ what he said. Personally, i wet the rapid rooters a little first..but same process.
  4. Don't even need to bother with cloning solutions/gels IME.
  5. So I shouldn't let them sit in any water?just spray em? I heard after a few days to gently squeeze the extra water out cause they're like a sponge? What do you think?
    Thanks for your reply's guys! :)
  6. nah man, dont squeeze em...i think that would possibly even damage the roots (if any by then)? With my environment, the rapid rooters doesnt hold as much water like u described. They need watering at least once a day.

    just do what the hawtrodz said above and u should be ok buddy.

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