How do I see all my posts?

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    When I go to my profile and click the "Posts" tab, all it shows the most recent 5 posts.

    I've been active on GC for almost 10 years and I want to go back and read my earliest posts


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    Do you have a find content button on your profile, left side column, just above your friends?
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    For a heads up OP in find content they limit your search for a few years, at least that's my experience. If you want to be tripped out by your earliest self click on your avatar and then "Content I Follow". It shows me topics i made and followed all the way back to 2010 when I first registered. Had a few laughs myself, have a great time.
  4. Yeah...limit is 3 years, or 1000 list only goes back to the middle of June 2015...

    Content I follow will only give you your subscriptions...threads you've subscribed to or "followed"

    My content will give you every thread you've participated in...


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