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  1. A month or 2 ago I met this chick who is 5 years older than me and into all the same shit I am (music and interest and all that junk)

    Plus i think she is a total bombshell gorgeous and a loving sweetheart idk :)

    Anyway she lives like 40 minutes away from me so we seldom get to see eachother because of shows.

    So we were talking about going to a show 2 weeks ago we were talking almost every day about it and excited....

    The day before the show she stops talking to me... the day of the show she dosnt respond

    so im like "...w.e" and then like a day or 2 later i see she updates her facebook and junk

    idk in my life ive had more than i can count experiences with girls where i have a GREAT time and im SURE that SHE has a great time then she just stops talking to me. Idk...

    So after a week i was just sitting on my phone bored and pissed off as fuck so then i write her a stupid little message saying somethign like "if u can ignore me for this long than w.e" or something i was just pissed idk

    anyway she randomly found me online today and started talking and said she was in a big car accident and she was mad bruised and her car was totaled....

    She appologized for not responding to me and was like "yeah that one text was kinda off-putting to say the least" so i appologized and was truthfull and honest with her and told her that I thought she was blowing me off so i was pissed yada yada

    so she says "Its cool im a little older and a little wiser i guess... im still down to hang out it just has to be a good time"

    So did i immediately get moved in2 the friend zone (lol) or am i fucked with her or can i still make myself up and have a chance

  2. Just keep being sweet to her man, show her your sorry maybe by taking her out or something. Tell her you want to take her to dinner to make up for it, or be more creative than that. But don't make it a bigger deal than it is maybe she not even that pissed about it.
  3. str8thats what im thinkin dude im hugely into older girls for the sole reason that they r like her - level headed and cooler and less fucking drama bullshit and i dont want to lose her over some stupid immature shit im pullin :(

    But yeah shes still recovering from her accident and she said she cant really turn u kno so idk i was going to wait a week and then call her
  4. I would just proceed how you always did.
    Nothing really sounds like it needs to or is gonna change...
    Well I guess you'll find out.

    Just be nice to her, maybe get her some flowers...
    maybe some things to make her feel better like a bubble bath,

    Keep checking up on her though...not annoyingly but just to
    show you care and would once again like to hit that please.

  5. I'd say you're okay for the time being. BUT, make your move as soon as you have even a decent entrance, because generally after the first or maybe second time you can actually make your move and haven't, you'll be friendzoned
  6. I'm with DancingVinodini on this one.

    Get her something to make her feel better and show you care. We're not talking about a huge bunch of red roses cause that would be over the top. Maybe a get well soon card with a nug in it.
  7. A nice handful of flowers would be good. Like the girls said, nothing out of control, but Id roll with a few pretty flowers and a small balloon.

    You already explained your mistake, she dismissed it, move on how you normally would.

  8. Yes and by flowers I meant little flowers, not the grand gesture flowers
    of "I royally fucked up" didn't royally fuck up. :)
  9. DancingVinodini
    Where did you get that sig? I think its awesome and Id like a bigger image of it.
  10. Honestly I'd say pullout. She didn't even hit you up after she got in that accident after that big ass show you guys planned. Sounds like she wanted to guilt you because she couldn't make it and was just saving her ass, then again I know girls who would apologize for not going to a concert with someone if it was the day of their impromptu open heart surgery. Doesn't sound like she's that much into you dude I'd just lay off esp after you sending that message to her on fb and getting no response, she probably thinks you're a needy bitch. At this point let whatever happen happen but I wouldn't pursue it if I were you. If you were gonna pursue it however I'd say go all out and get the acceptance/rejection out of the way because you're not gonna win if you leave the ball in he court

  11. That dear sir is a painting from this artist I met this summer.
    It's hahahahha

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