How do i plug in my HPS 400w

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Stigze, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Hi I've Just bought a LS40 400w HPS light,,,,,,and got no idea how to turn it on it didn't come with any instructions wots up with that???????

    I'm in the UK anyone else got 1

  2. HIGH All, the lights I get come with a 3 prong plug with a 20 foot the ballest can be outside the room...which just plugs into wall outlet.
  3. Mine didn't come with any cord or plug i don't know what to do at all it sucks??????

    Help someone
  4. i dunno wot model that is but if its industral lighting like a lobay or a highbay then u need to get a lengh of good 3core cable and a plug. put the plug on the 1 end of the cable then open up ur balast, inside u will find some where to put the wires, normaly "chocolate block" conectors, them plastic squares with the little screws in. u gotta put the wires into them, it will b marked wot 1s live or u can atleast see the colour of the wires going into the other side of the conector so just match them up live2live earth2earth etc. sometimes u only have a live and a neutral and the earth mounts onto the body of the case somewhere. plz use the earth.

    dont b put off by opening up the balast, if u can wire a plug u can wire a balast.
  5. your just stupid........made perfect sense to me........good instructions actually...........Peace out..........Sid
  6. Got it Thanks matey it was very easy to do in the end just like u described with the white chocolate block and the earth attached to the metal.


    hope these things work ok
  7. im glad 2 b of help.

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