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How do i NOT get munchies??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by thomasman, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. I'm not really a aprentice, but i thought this would be the right place for this questionn + i figured there would be some noobs that would want to ask but might be too afraid or w.e the case might be. but Yeah, like lately, i've been smoking religeously. So much that i get too high to go to work. But it seems like it's very common for me to get munchies. EVEN when i already ate or w.e

    how can i prevent this from happening? I hate getting the munchies... >.<
  2. I don't know the answer to this but what I do when I dont want to munch is I drink a lot of fluids, that usually keeps me happy.
  3. eat before u smoke maybe
  4. i learned the only thing to do is simply just eat. not much u can really do. i would eat something filling too. chips doesnt seem to do it for me. but filling food will help decrease ur high and cure munchies. also smoking more often will change ur tolerance, which might help
  5. i love the munchies cuz the food tastes so good
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  6. nothin. the reason you get hungry is cuz when you smoke weed you burn a bunch of calories and that makes you hungry. i stopped eating when i had the munchies and i lost like 8 pounds in like a month.
  7. I love the munchies, haha. Every time I smoke and get the munchies it's like a mission. A mission to make some bomb ass food! Making food is way more fun stoned then sober but I keep myself occupied for awhile after smoking because eating a crap load of food RIGHT after smoking would be lame, because you will lose your high faster.

    But, anyways. To your question, I don't know what else you can do but eat beforehand, either way, getting the munchies is getting the munchies. Increased appetite is a side effect of THC, that is why it's prescribed to some people with anorexia, depression from cancer and other diseases because they don't want to eat.
  8. no it doesnt burn calories

    "THC activates parts of the brain (Cannabinoid receptors) which are linked to appetite. (It is believed that cannabinoid receptors are activated after birth to make an infant hungry until they can learn the daily routine of eating)""

    eastiest way for me is to eat b4 i smoke

    or chew on some gum or drink something, or even eat fruit
  9. eat before you get highhhhhhhhhhh

    is it that hard to figure out :confused:
  10. he said he still gets the munchies when he eats before smoking. tho thats what helped me eat something big. i dont really get em anymore.
  11. i dont know why you hate the munchies but eat food with low GI before you smoke:)
  12. Thanks for all the replies. hhhmm. well honestly, i don't like eating while im high, because i can't taste food for shit. Like food has no taste when im high, i don't know.. im weird like that.

    But i will up the liquids, i hardly drink anything when im high, probably a monster (sometimes) so i don't fall have that feeling of crashing after im high (as i stated in another thtread)

    Thanks for all the tips though.

    Also, i've been trying to loose weight as well, and today, i started my healthier eating.
    & I definetly don't want the munchies destroying that.

    Thanks, timme to go ripp the bowl.:wave::smoking:
  13. why do you want them??

    in 15+ years ive only had them a few times.
  14. Gum or hard candies, man. I get the munchies even after i've already eaten, too, so I know how it is. I've been trying to eat less/healthier in general so munchies are a big deal. I can eat like 10 cookies while i'm stoned, no problem. It's bad, haha.

    Definitely keep some gum or little suck-on candies around. They're nice while high, too.
  15. Like he said. Eating before smoking won't do anything, since it has nothing to do with the amount of food you're eating, really. Just get you something can lasts very long, fruits are great or go buy a bag of bubble gum for like 40 cents and chew them thru, the munchies will be gone by the time you're done!


    P.S. After a while the munchies become "controllable"
  16. I was only sympathizing.
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    what i did was trained myself to only eat near the end of my high.
  18. dude, chew gum. im serious. the chewing action of your jaw will staisfy your brain's appetite. it thinks your eating although your not.

    when i go into work high, i always grab gum so i dont go munchin all day (cuz at my work i could do that easily)
  19. The last two times I was high...
    The first time I ate 4 oreos, and the last time I ate 1 cupcake. Both with a glass of milk.
    I wanted to munch more, but after I laid down with my iPod I forgot all about it.

    So I'm thinking that if you eat something small and fulfilling and then just distract yourself with something fun...you'll forget the food.
  20. you work at a food place? lol

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