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How do I meet a dealer?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stevieponiczz, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. Ok all..the situation is getting desperate. Theres PLENTY of weed around here (New York City) But I can't score 2 dime bags over the course of 5 days?? I need tips on how to meet a REAL dealer.
  2. All I can say is just ask random people. When I was dry thats what I did and now i have another good hookup. Sometimes towns do go dry for awhile but i dont think thats your case. Just ask.

    or if your really hard up drive over here and smoke a bowl on me. =)

  3. I'm tellin you man, if you're really hard up take a 2 hour drive upstate. I'll be here...smokin a phattie...
  4. i need a good dealers too, i'm loking for a job that has good hookups (like a gas station or something) i think next week im gonna walk around town and ask people :)
  5. You are asking for trouble if you just go and start asking random people to sell dope to you.

    (Well, that is if you don't live in like Jamaica or The Netherlands....hmmm where else??)

    First you have to be cool around the stoners that you discover. (Using isn't really that punishable of a crime here in The States.) Then they introduce you to a dealer of theirs.

    Any dealer who sells to random people will not be doing so for very long. And you're better off not having your name in these peoples' heads for when the long arm reaches out for them.

    Patients, my friend............ patients. ;)
  6. xxkmanxx, try office furniture/moving, or a related construction field, I do a LOT of that here in Nashville, and at least 90 % of the people I work with, or even just meet, get high. A company I used to work for, the owner is a head, and got the employes high frequently... yes, on the job ( on breaks). a dream job? no but the fringe benefits are KILLER.

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  7. Start growin ya nutta
  8. Where im from, the outskirts of philly, there is plenty of shit goin around. Good ass shit too. 'Course i know all the dealers rather well, and whenever i need chronic, i get hooked up. Tips on finding dealers would be to look around and make friends with people who u know smoke good weed pretty regularly. They gotta be gettin it from somewhere, and if not they're growin' it. Peace.
  9. If you have a friend who does it (which it doesnt sound like) ask him where he gets it or try to find out hangouts where stoners go and walk up to sumone who looks like they might toke you know the look(im not stereotyping but sumtimes theres a look) and casually ask for a g or sumthin you know thats how i do it at this theater in my town weed is smoked infront by so many kids that parents dont even try to stop em and cops know but one a cop car shows up everyone runs cuz its easy to get away on foot at this place and the 5-0 never have evidence to walk up and search...
  10. When I was closer to your age, I found that most of the people I went to high school with had weed. Well that weed had to come from somewhere. Turns out alot of them were growing it! It wasn't super duper bubonic chronic, but it did the job.

    Heads are easy for other stoners to spot. If your old enough for a job, try a resturant like Dennys or something. I found that every resturant I have worked at over the years...that somebody smokes. Over time I got to know people and they would pick me up a bag. Mostly cause the more people who go in, makes the person who's doing the running bag cheaper or even free.

    I never met a dealer until I was at least in my 20's, and even that dude was so small potatoes. I think he was just supplying his close friends but he never had like pounds and pounds of the stuff. He was the guy you went to see, if nobody else had any. BUT alot of my h.s. friends would sell you a nickel or a dime out of there bag if you couldn't score. Easy beer money for them. Boy! Our priorities sure change as we get older, he he!

    When I got to college. It took like less than a month to scope out a frat house where the weed was flowing. I just followed my nose to the pot of gold. Waited for the right opportunity and asked. Of course, it helps if your female and everybody else is wasted on beer! lol.

    Seriously, try your hand at getting a job. NYC should be full of greasy spoons and diners. But like Budhead said patience, patience, patience, cause it takes awhile for people to warm up to strangers. And any strange vibes they may pick up off you will definately turn them off of trusting you.
    Especially if you a minor and they aren't. I know that from personal experience.

    Good luck little buddy, and if you get some seeds, try your hand at greenthumbing. One little plant will keep you in smoke just fine. I threw 10 schwag seeds in a plastic dixie cup one time and got 7 sprouts! I wasn't even trying. I left it on the patio and said I found some flower seeds in the garage. Since my dad was a lawn nut he didn't care so long as I didn't plant anything in his yard. Things were going great until my bro came to visit. I had to trash them cause he would have narced me out!
  11. im in amsterdam right now...i usually live in in amsterdam right now....and i know someone who grows in portland going there for the summer probaby for a few days.
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    Lol if u go to my school all u have to do is go up to any black guy standing in front of the benches outside the gym and ask him! Haha seriously I feel like 50% of my school sells weed! Idk how any of them make any cash at all! Sophomore year I don't think I ever bought from the same guy more than once because there were so many options:p ahhhhh the joys of living in the trash town of Anderson Indiana!
  13. Damn, talk about resurrecting from the dead. If you're in high school I don't see how you could have a problem getting weed. Same thing with college. But if you don't, try:
    -Gas stations
    Look for someone who looks like they might smoke, mostly younger people.
  14. Haha...started reading and realized this thread is 11yo.....

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