how do i make some new friends in real life?

Discussion in 'General' started by fruitality, Jan 19, 2014.

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    how do i find people that like the same things i like, and how do i befriend them?
    give me some examples if you can. like what do you say to people
    sometimes i say the right thing but sometimes i say offensive stuff without realizing. im not very awesome at empathizing with pepole. 

  2. Well are you in highschool? College? Neither?
    I would try to hit up an old friend and start to get to know their friends.. Facebook is a good option too. I called a old friend this week and we're seshing soon.. just gotta be confident
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    im in graduate school and my college friends have mostly moved away. im pretty close to where i went to high school but most of my high school friends are losers. (like unemployed drunk fucks with 5 kids from different babydaddys)
    the facebook thing is a good idea , i feel like it would be weird to hit up people that you havent talked to in a long time though. the problem is i want to make NEW friends lol.
  4. If it's possible to ask a few college friends/people you know to chill that can make for a friend.
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    also another factor is that i kind of want new friends that dont have connections to my past life lol
    this sounds weird to you, but im reinventing my brand.
  6. It's all god. But isn't there some people you don't know already that go there?
  7. Also go out and do what you like to do. Especially if there will be other people doing it to. That's a good way to become buddies. You already start out with something in common and easy ice breaker
  8. figure out what you're looking for in a friend first. obviously start with hobbies or interests, see where that leads you.
    the friendship that means the most to me is based mostly around the "outdoors". we hunt, fish, camp, etc.
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    step1 - get a time machine
    step 2 - go back to high school

    jokes aside, try and get out into the world. activities, clubs, friend of friends (bbq, party, etc)
  10. Volunteer, help out at a church , help at a local animal shelter, help at a soup kitchen, help at a museum.
    Join a club, photography, dance, play music, join a pool,darts or bowling league . go sing karaoke. Join a softball team.
    If all else fails you can make friends in a gay bar restroom.
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    Talk to people in your classes. Go to parties, introduce yourself to people and be friendly. You kind of have to get out of your comfort zone to make new friends but its not bad once you meet them. I lived in the dorms and knew no one in my building other than a few people in my hall, but when my other friends moved out I had to make new friends so I went around seeing who wanted to skate and chief and I started smoking with some people and now I go up to the mountains with them, and we collaborate on our medical grows. 
    Just talking to some one a little bit, small talk even can make a friendship real quick. For example Im trying to see if this girl likes me so I am going to invite her to a party at my house either way its going to be a good time and she will for sure come. 
  12. Go do things you enjoy and meet people while there. You can go and look for local forums that are in your interests. Find event calendars and such so you can go to meet ups with people into the same things. Hell start networking through people you do know and work your way into another social group. Talk to new people at school. Etc etc.
  13. You love who you are, you don't care about what people think about you. You do what you enjoy, and don't censor yourself.
  14. I tell them that they will be blessed if they are amongst My People. :cool:
  15. Don't give them an option
  16. Tell everybody u got the stanky dank...

    Check out a couple parties and strike up a convo.
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    How do you make friends online? Do the same thing just in person face to face with others.
  18. i can be you're friend...and this is real life..what else would it be? the matrix?
  19. i dont make friends online, i dont care about people on the internet.
    i kind of dont want people to know i smoke weed lol. and i dont need people to smoke weed with i already have those.
    how? what do you mean by this
    this is a terrible idea lmao if i was myself everyone would hate me.
    it just seems weird to me to approach strangers like that. people almost never talk to each other in class other than for like projects and shit. ive met a couple of cool people but not always.
    these are pretty good ideas thanks!
  20. how do you know you can be my friend? what qualifies someone as a "friend" to you?

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