How do I make my blunts/spliff burn blue

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Cainnabis, Nov 17, 2014.

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  1. After seeing it online (instagram, youtube etc.) Ive been searching for MONTHS for an answer on how to make your weed burn blue/purple!

    HOW?!?!?!?!?!!? I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!! HOWWWW!!!!!!!!

  2. Prolly some synthetic weed and that's some chemical they use to make it and it burns blue, I doubt that anything that is natural and won't harm you can cause MJ to burn blue.
  3. Why?
    That looks awful man.
  4. They use smurfs and have them rub it on there chests

  5. You add the ground up scrotums of teenage boys captured and castrated coming out of a Lisa Ann triple play at the U-Jackem Movie emporium on Sunset and Vine....dried and cured to a perfect blue powder that just adds a hint of frustration and a healthy dose of steroids that make your blunt just wanna POP...but never quite does...turns blue though....
  7. After listening to these kids talk I definitely wouldn't want to try that.
    "it's blue, it's blue, it's blue"
  8. I went into a hippie shop today that sells bongs n all types of shit the dude there said its gotta be the papers, blueberry flavour rolling papers in fact (i bought raspberry as they only had those left) but yhh i said i doubt its the papers, hmmm i udnno
  9. There is no instance of colored smoke that wont cause extremely negative side effects if inhaled that I know of.

    Most likely its video manipulation
    Ive smoked Blueberry papers (and many other flavors) they dont effect the smoke
  10. its the camera. when i take a pic of a cigarette on my phone camera the ember is a purpleish color.
  11. Are you serious lol? That's just from the camera.
  12. its not Ive seen it too many times on video and pictures in many diff places for it to be one persons camera
  13. happens to me as well, some cameras pick it up more than others, lighting seems to affect it too...there is nothing you can add to make it smoke/burn blue.
  14. no it happens with most cameras, it's just the way the camera interprets the color.
  15. That guys as dumb as all fuck....tobacco, and "sprinkles" on the OUTSIDE...."its a sex thang, innit"....dis Pif sho be sweet. Shit.
  16. Sprinkle some finely ground cat hair into your smoke, that'll do it.
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