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How do i make hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrOneHitWonder, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Title says it all.
  2. Grow 5 plants of marijuana, compress buds into a cube after you harvest them. coook in oven for 13.5 hours at 450 and voila, Home made hash.

    Google it, brotha
  3. Look it up on Youtube. Tons of tutorials. Use a bubble bag and ice.
  4. Just press your loose kief.
  5. Theres tons of different methods man. Google it or even youtube it and you'll get all your answers.
  6. There are many diff method
    There's BHO, Iso hash, kief compressed, many others

    I think the best idea would be iso. It is nice for beginners. Put X amount of weed in the freezer. Soak X amount of weed in isopropyl alcohol in the fridge. After letting it sit for a couple days, strain it out. You will have soggy alcohol covered weed and green isoproyl alcohol. Dry the iso alcohol in a large plate. You will have a sticky resin left over. Make sure that all of the alcohol is dried. Maybe even wait a couple extra days just in case. Scrape it up and smoke it!

  7. Meh I did ISO the first time and wasn't happy with the yield/results..

    A grinder with a loose screen does fine tho :smoking:

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