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How do I make expert blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shankmasterflex, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. What up guys,

    I was recently rolling a few blunts with my friends, and I realized that my blunt game is missing something. My joints are nearly perfect and I have all my special tricks and know-hows for those, but with blunts, I really just do the most basic techniques.

    My joints last a solid 10-15 minutes but my blunts only last tops 20 minutes with three or four heads on it. I don't understand what I could possibly do to make them tighter/last longer.

    You can't roll inner leaves back and forth like you do on a joint, so what else could I do to make them tight/amazing like those 40-60 minute blunt sessions I hear about? What are the "advanced" tricks and tips?
  2. More weed.
  3. More weed, bigger blunts, tighter blunts, more weed, did I say more weed?

  4. I really don't know to much about blunts man, but my advice would be to find a brand that burns slower. Are you using wraps? those tend to burn fast. like i said don't smoke too many blunts.
  5. How much weed is usually in a 60 mins blunt? Like a fatty three grammer?

    Nope, Phillies and Dutchmasters. Deleaf, crack, roll, releaf.
  6. thats why i stick to joints they burn slower, pack more weed and tighten the blunt a lil?
  7. Game wine blunt. Pack a nice 2-3 grams, then roll it up tight
  8. Game wines are as good as if not better than sex.
    Those and greens are the only ones I like.

    So is it decided that the only way to really make a blunt last longer is pack more weed?
  9. You could try double wrapping your blunt if needed....
  10. Thats bullshit, you dont need more weed. A good roller can roll anything, fat blunts or skinny blunts
  11. Practice practice practice. Thats all really.

  12. thats exactly what you have to do. idk why your saying that you cant, but the rolling and shaping of the weed is what sets the stage for a perfectly rolled blunt. after learning that technique all you have to do perfect your roll.

    also, idk what method your using but i have a feeling your just splitting the cigar and rolling it up. try to get your hands on a dutch or a game and use the de-leaf method and you should get a much tighter, slow burning blunt.
  13. whats the deleaf method?
  14. It's where you unroll the natural leaf from a dutch or game, crack open the blunt, gut it, refill with weed, roll it up, then wrap the outer leaf back around the rolled blunt.
  15. thats retarted and a waste of time you mite aswell just crack it and roll it from the begining
  16. Haha some people like it because it makes it burn slower. I like it any way.

    This reminds me how I can barely roll blunts...
  17. Agreed, that is how my joints got better, I just like to have some specific things to work on.

    You can't on dutches and games because the inner leaf is usually too fragile to do any sort of rolling back and forth. Everyone who has taught me to roll has told me not to do that, and I agree. The few times I've tried I've ended up cracking/ripping/ruining the inner leaf before I can even tuck, even when I'm being extremely careful!

    Not true, first of all rolling a blunt only takes two minutes from start to finish with the deleafing method, so I really don't think that whole extra thirty seconds is going to kill anyone.

    Plus you can make a good roll even better with a tight outer leaf.

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