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how do i make cannabis resin

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by jayjay5396, May 23, 2011.

  1. hi all i wanna know how to make cannabis resin am growing a few plants after harvest i wanna make some we call it tac or dope am sure there will be lots of other names for it, its a solid brown block i'll upload a photo to show you

    i wanna make it because it lasts longer and its not a strong as the skunk i wont be selling anything its all for me i also wanna make the resin as pure as i can possile no rubbish into it i.e plastic rubber tar mac etc as ppl do to bluck it out i dont want none of that in there if i can help it i just want it to be pure please tell me how to make it

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  2. Resin= the black gooey tar in your bowl after a few smokes

    Hash= Trichomes sifted from plant material; what you have in your pic there.

    Hash oil= Made by soaking hash or plant material in a solvent that the oils will dissolve in, filtering out the solids and then usually drying it.
  3. HAhaha how do I make cannabis resin
    Make it by smoking with a pipe or anything that you don't throw away after smoking with
  4. yeah the stuff in the photo is what i wanna make from

    what i can gather on net you freeze the skunk then put it all in a strainer so all the cystals fall out put the brown cystals in some paper rap it tightly then put it in a pre-heated oven for ten minutes weather that works i dont know
  5. Search bubble hash
  6. Oil would be the purest
  7. Step 1: Smoke a bunch of weed out of a pipe
    Step 2: Scrape your pipe
    Step 3: Smoke that nasty black shit, aka Resin
  8. This is some funny stuff;) I give mine to my broke ass son

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