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  1. hi guys noob here would like some help...these things shot up over night and then nothing last couple days is that normal are they working on roots now? Any suggestions would be great..just trying to maintain until better outdoor temps..current light 2 tubes I believe t8 6500k and a cfl 6500k

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  2. Here they are

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  3. they roots r tryin to grow get a T5 or some cfls for best results
  4. oh n welcome G!
  5. Thank you..I have one cfl 6500k n two tubes add another 6500k cfl or switch to t5?

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  7. ok so i now understand yer question
    flouros are for root growth and wont
    show action above ground
  8. Oh no shiiiit I was under the impression 2600k was goood for all veg

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