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How do i know if trichomes are 50% amber?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by orangegrovekush, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. How am i meant to know if 50% of my trichomes are amber am i just meant to look at one group and if 4 out of 10 trichomes is amber that means 40% amber? then do the same for other parts of the bud?
  2. yeah id inspect the tops and bottoms maybe bottom bud may need a lil more time
  3. No you absolutely need to count each individual trichrome, then compare them on a ripeness chart, then take 6 samples and compile that info into Excel. Using that information, you find your percentage of amber:milky trichromes
  4. Use a mini illuminated microscope. Inspect trichomes on the buds themselves.(trichs on leaves may develop faster). If you see some amber trichs with mostly cloudy trichs, your golden.

    Also I wouldn't really begin inspecting the trichs until nearly all pistils have turned orangish and receded onto the buds. This lets you know your getting close to harvest. Then inspect trichs for the color of your liking. Some like lots of amber, I personally go for about 90% cloudy/white and 10% amber. From what I understand amber trichs are an indication of degraded thc within the Trichome.
  5. Well the knew way i thought of is to inspect 10 groups of 10 trichomes and count each trich as 1% but now i dont even care for amber just found out thats passed its peak.. my last harvest was mostly amber no wonder i got shit highs even tho the bud looked dank first harvest was cloudy just turning amber and was bomb i always wondered why the lower buds gave me a better couchlock because they wherent degraded.

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